Current Health & Beauty Favourites

1. Better Supplementation
My first favourite is that I've actually been keeping up with supplementation! It recently clicked that I should try a liquid delivery system(?) and it has really been working for me. They're a lot easier to take and a lot easier to remember to take. Liquids don't require water and I don't find that they make me feel ill even if I happen to take them on an empty stomach. So, with that in mind, I decided to replace most of my supplements with liquid versions. Enter the Viridian Vegan EPA/DHA Oil and Nature's Aid Liquid Vitamin D3

2. Hynt Beauty Sun Prep Broad Spectrum SPF30
For those who don't know already, Hynt Beauty is now stocked in the UK at Glow Organic and it is quickly becoming one of my favourite makeup brands. They're carmine-free, most of their products are vegan, and their ingredients are fantastic. Unfortunately I didn't have great luck with one of their Suite eyeshadow palettes, but this Sun Prep has become one of my new favourite products of all time. It's a super innovative semi-clear SPF that works as not only sun protection, but a pretty awesome makeup primer. I had originally planned to keep it for special occasions (it's a bit pricey) but I'm having serious trouble trying not to use it every day. Spoiler alert: I'm also loving their cult Duet concealer and have just ordered one of their Alto matte blushes.

3. Ere Perez Lash & Brow Aloe Vera Gel Mascara* (+ henna eyebrow tinting!)
You may have seen on Twitter recently that I've been getting my eyebrows tinted with henna. I've always wanted to try eyebrow tinting as my eyebrows are near enough non-existent, but have always been put off by those chemicals being so close to my eyes. Then, it hit me. People dye their head hair with henna so why not your eyebrows?! And after a quick Google search, I found someone local (Mirra Beauty in Essex for those interested) and I'm now completely obsessed. I've had it done twice so far and shall continue fitting it around special occasions and holidays. It's totally true that brows frame the face and that's even more important when you wear glasses. Here's a cheeky snap:


...and that ridiculously long intro was to introduce my next favourite, the Ere Perez Clear Mascara. As my eyebrows are now darker via tinting, I've only been needing clear mascara to keep them looking neat. This Ere Perez offering isn't the cheapest option (try Pacifica for something more budget friendly) but I decided to pick it up for one of my LoveLula blog posts and I've been really enjoying it.

4. Nanshy Buffed Base RO1 Brush*
I was recently contacted by a PR company who graciously gifted me some products by Sukin and Nanshy. Nanshy offer 100% vegan and cruelty free brushes at a really great price point and I was instantly attracted to the Buffed Base Brush as I've heard a lot about using a dense dome brush for applying liquid foundation. Well, I tried it with my HG Sappho foundation and I am very much impressed. I've found that some other brushes can make it streaky but with this brush the foundation applies flawlessly and lasts all day.

5. Walden Perfumes A Different Drummer*
You may have seen Walden Perfumes floating around lately as they are the new perfume offering from LoveLula. I was lucky enough to take part in the trial process for these perfumes and have been very excited about their launch ever since. A Different Drummer is my favourite from the launched scents and contains notes of pepper, cedarwood, amber, amyris, and sandalwood. It's a very unisex scent and offers something completely different from the heavy florals that usually appear within natural perfumes. Walden perfumes are a little pricey but I'll definitely be putting another bottle on my birthday list when it runs out. Check out the full selection of Walden Perfumes here. Alternatively, you can also try them all in a trial set.

What have you been loving lately?

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A Little Update
Image: elizadean

Image: elizadean

1. I finished my undergrad! I handed in my dissertation in April and had my final exam in early May. It feels strange to have finished university but I'm not quite ready to let go of academia... 

2. In September, I shall be beginning a Masters degree in Eighteenth Century Studies. I'm currently ploughing through a 700-page Enlightenment social history and philosophy book in preparation and I'm actually kinda enjoying it. Add me on Goodreads if you would like to keep track of my reading escapades. 

3. If you didn't know already, I do monthly blog posts for LoveLula on all things vegan beauty. I've done three posts so far, and you can check out my latest (a vegan's guide to Madara) here. I'm running the blog with a wonderful group of green bloggers and having a lot of fun with it. Follow the LoveLula blog here!

4. In a couple weeks Rhys and I head out on our first adventure of 2017, a week-long mini tour of Scandinavia. We shall be visiting Copenhagen, Malmö, and Oslo so if you have any recommendations for vegan food/green beauty/generally lovely places to visit, please leave them below.

5. I'm working a lot at the moment to fund said trip (and another jaunt to Croatia in July), and so this explains why the blog is being a little neglected. I hope to fix this ASAP. I've got a few exciting things planned but I also welcome any post suggestions or requests in the comments. In the mean time, make sure you're following me on Twitter!

Recent Empties #9

Up until now I've been sharing the occasional empty product on my Instagram. However, due to the size of today's selection, I thought it best to revert back to empties blog posts. And what better way to ease myself back into blogging after a particularly gruelling final semester (Yep, my undergrad is FINISHED - EEP). Hopefully I can get lots of lovely content out to you guys and try and get a bit ahead before my Masters degree - double EEP - begins in September.

I won't go through everything as there's rather a lot but here are some of the highlights...

I finally used up two of my long-standing favourite skincare products, the Green People Beauty Boost Skin Restore* and the Pai Kukui & Jojoba Bead Brightening Exfoliator. I've done a full review of the GP product as I find it works great as a light moisturiser before makeup, but also can add an extra kick to your night time routine when your skin is looking a bit worse for wear. I also really love the Pai exfoliator but for some reason I don't think I have ever properly mentioned it on the blog... Nevertheless, I shall be repurchasing both of these at some point.

I also waved goodbye to a few of the goodies I got to try as a (former) member of the LoveLula Accredited Blogger Programme. Namely, the The Earth Works Cleansing Oil*, MOA Fortifying Green Bath Potion*, and the Madara Active AHA Brightening Peel Mask*. I definitely recommend the latter two - although the bath potion seemed to irritate my eczema, the scent is amazing and you should definitely try it if you don't find you react to essential oils. The Madara AHA mask is a wonderful chemical exfoliant option and I find it to be really effective at sloughing away dead skin cells and encouraging a good glow. The TEWC cleansing oil was good and did the job but unfortunately I found it to be a little heavy for my skin. However, it has a really amazing price point and is a good one to check out if you want to get into oil cleansing.

To avoid this post getting too long, here's a list of everything I've used up this time:
- Terre Verdi Good Oils Cleansing Oil*
- Green People Quinoa & Prebiotics Deodorant*
- Living Naturally Organic Herbal Hair Rinse Conditioner
- Avalon Organics Volumizing Rosemary Conditioner
- MOA Fortifying Bath Potion*
- Green People Beauty Boost Skin Restore*
- First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads (no longer cf)
- Schmidt's Cedarwood & Juniper Stick Deodorant
- Brija Illuminate Eye Balm (not finished - smells a little funky)
- Zuzu Luxe Liquid Eyeliner
- Madara Active AHA Brightening Peel Mask sample*
- Pai Kukui & Jojoba Bead Brightening Exfoliator
- The Earth Works Cosmetics Cleansing Oil*
- Eco Bath London Skin Conditioning Bath Soak (different packaging but I believe this is the same)

New In: Hynt Beauty, Alima Pure, Juice Beauty

So I haven't blogged in over a month... but I have an excuse! For those of you who don't follow me on Twitter, I am currently writing my undergraduate dissertation (due in just under two weeks) and it has successfully taken over my life. This unfortunately, doesn't leave too much time for blogging. Posts may be few and far between for the remainder of April but today I want to talk about a few new makeup bits that I have been trying recently. It was my birthday on 22nd March and I treated myself to some bits from Content Beauty (I love visiting their brick and mortar store in London) and then a few days ago, I woke up to the wonderful news that Hynt Beauty are now available from a UK stockist - Glow Organic Brighton. Of course I jumped straight on it and ordered some samples. I've spoken about the Hynt Beauty Suite Sweet Canyon Eyeshadow Palette before, and although I don't use it too often anymore, I've been dying to try some more of their line.

Hynt Beauty Duet Perfecting Concealer Sample Set in Fair/Light
I haven't really tried these properly yet (they literally turned up this morning) but I've heard amazing things about Hynt's cult concealer. It's loved by green makeup artists and offers super full coverage, which is rare for a natural concealer. It comes in a variety of shades and I've obviously gone for the lightest pair. On first impressions I think 'Light' may be a better shade for me as it is yellow-based. 'Fair' is extremely pink and although I'm pale, I'm not cool-toned in the slightest. My skin is neutral/leaning warm and so I suspect 'Light' would be better for spot concealing; when colour matching is key. I think the shade would also work under my eyes but it would be nice to have a lighter shade that is still neutral or slightly yellow. More testing is needed but from what I've seen so far, this sample could last me all year. It's really creamy and SUPER pigmented so only the tiniest amount is needed for your whole face. 

Hynt Beauty Sun Prep SPF 30
Hynt sent me a sample of their Skin Prep when I ordered the Suite eyeshadow palette. It was a super silky serum with marine bio-actives that I really enjoyed as a primer. I've never got round to buying a full size but I've always been curious about the Sun Prep - a similar product but with non-nano titanium dioxide SPF 30. Reviews for this stuff are glowing and now I've tried it, I can see why. This stuff is magic. It's almost completely transparent and really smooths out the skin. The formula would be perfect under makeup and it leaves no white cast whatsoever. I already know that I'll be getting a full size (edit: ordered). I don't think I'll be taking it to Croatia with me this summer (yep, I'm going again) as it's too fancy for constant reapplication but it's going to be great for the English summer and for making sure I wear SPF every day that I leave the house.

Alima Pure Pressed Foundation in Sesame
I'm a committed disciple of the Alima Pure Satin Matin Foundation and so I've been eager to try its pressed counterpart. The formulas do seem to differ slightly: the pressed compact is lower coverage and way more yellow-toned, but I'm appreciating the tidier application (yay for less mess) and it really is a beautiful product. At this point I think I shall be continuing to repurchase the loose version but this definitely won't go to waste. The pressed formula and lighter coverage also make it great for mid-day touch ups.

Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments Satin Lip Cream in Syrah
I have a habit of buying myself an expensive lipstick for my birthday and this was the winning contender for 2017. I've been dying to try the Phyto-Pigments line since it launched in the UK but I've been wanting to view/swatch the collection in person before picking anything up. I had a right swatch fest when I visiting Content and settled on 'Syrah' - a true mid-tone brown pink with the tiniest amount of shimmer (that doesn't really show up on the lips). I wasn't too sure about this shade when I brought it home but since then I've been wearing it a lot and really loving it. The formula is super moisturising and despite it's very creamy consistency, it does a good job of staying put throughout the day. I am interested in some of the other shades but these lipsticks really are expensive so I'm not sure if I'll be expanding my collection any time soon.

What have you been buying recently?