Autumnal Makeup

Without sounding like a female blogging cliche, I really do love this season. There is just something magical about the turning of the leaves that influences me to recreate such colours and tones within my makeup palette. Here, I'm talking tones of rose, taupe and berry to name but a few. Here are a couple of my most-used autumnal products that fall in to this truly lustful colour scheme…

Firstly, I’ve just got to mention some awesome lipsticks that have come in to my possession. They are by no means ‘new’ - the brand and the shades are well-loved within our community - but I have only recently come to realise how truly amazing and high-quality Red Apple Lipstick products really are. I was sent two shades, Hibiskiss and Audrey, both of which come under the ‘lipstick’ category, but vary by formula. Both shades are completely natural, vegan, cruelty-free and gluten-free which is pretty darn good, don’tcha think? Swatches and nutty rave to follow. Audrey hasn’t really left my lips.

Secondly, two more products that are by no means big news (I’m really selling these aren’t I?), but are again products that I have been using absolutely non-stop for the last couple weeks. I’ve already talked about them multiple times but you can never have too much of a good thing… right? The P&P Cream Shadow in Divinely Happy. Do I really need to explain? Just a great cool-neutral colour that is a total staple for any eye look you could ever want/dream. In my case, it also doubles up as a pretty competent eyebrow product which I like. Multi-task products make me happy. And talking of multi-taskers, we have the TANF Cream Blush in Dusky Rose. A beautiful cheek colour and an equally as beautiful option for the lips. The cream formula creates a subtle ethereal glow which sings of the colder seasons - while staying put for a good five hours. 

Finally, a new product *GASP*. Due to my continued participation in #beautychallenge10, makeup and skincare purchases have been few and far between. However, when my beloved Ilia mascara died a sudden death, I was ever so inclined to test out a new release from Lily Lolo. This being their new reformulated natural mascara. Lily Lolo have released a mascara in the past, however the reviews had always been more on the disappointing side and although the price point really isn’t anything to cry about, I’m just not a fan of risking badly reviewed products. Therefore when we were confronted with something reborn and untested, I just had to give it a go. Well... the jury is in and well done Lily Lolo! They have successfully formulated - what I would perceive as - the perfect natural mascara all-rounder. Although there are probably more superior options out there in terms of ingredients and formula, LL just shut it down in terms of the bigger picture which includes packaging, ease-of-use and price. At £10.99, LL’s mascara is cheaper than a lot of high street (and green) competitors and you really are getting something better for your money. I would pick happy bunnies and my health over clumpy eyelashes any day of the week!