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Review: Skin Likes Natural Deodorant

This post is a big one. Because I've FINALLY tracked down a deodorant that is vegan, cruelty-free, natural, alliminum-free and doesn't irritate my underarms after shaving. This discovery goes with big thanks to my first ever TVK box*, and I am so very glad to have been introduced to it. Now let me introduce you, to the Skin Likes Natural Deodorant

I've always preferred roll-ons. They're less messy, don't leave white marks and are generally better for the environment than aerosols. However - when starting my search for an effective natural deodorant, most options were of the cream variety. Although this allows for arguably purer ingredients, I'm really not a fan of rubbing shea butter under my armpits. Also, creams tend to leave white marks and as an almost exclusive black clothing wearer, this is not an option. 

This is why I like Skin Likes. Here is a roll-on deodorant which doesn't compromise in terms of ingredients. The list is short, sweet and as follows: distilled water, food grade xanthan gum, bicarb of soda, and a blend of essential oils. Now, I don't have anything wrong with the ingredients in this product but I'd just like to point out that their ingredients listing itself is poor: the essential oil blend is listed as simply that, 'essential oil blend'. Also, the ingredients are not listed in INCI, with no essential oil allergens listed. Therefore, if you suffer with any allergies, please be sure to contact the company beforehand to protect yourself from any unwanted reactions to such oils. Unfortunately, I could not find such information on the website. I will be contacting them shortly to suggest that these issues are resolved as all products must now have their ingredients listed in INCI. Despite this, if you are lucky enough to not suffer with allergies, I would not disdain (just drop them a little email as well!).

As mentioned before, all other natural deodorants that I have tried (including Salt of the Earth), have stung on application, especially after shaving. I am yet to experience this with this product and that itself is enough for me to want to repurchase. The scent is very pleasant, seems to hang around throughout the day and it also absorbs immediately (which was always I problem I encountered with cream deodorants). The scent is quite sweet though so if that's not quite up your alley, they also other a 'male-orientated' scent which I assume will consist of a slightly altered essential oil blend. Of course it may not look as pretty as Schmidt's or Meow Meow Tweet, but it does the job and at £4.95 a bottle (or three for £9.90), who can complain?

EDIT: Since the publication of this post - and after many an email from the guys over at SkinLikes - it has now been announced that the website & label are to be updated with the full INCI list of ingredients!

*The Vegan Kind. A UK based, vegan lifestyle subscription service.