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The Best Vegan Beauty of 2014

I know, it's late. Nethertheless, I'm finally going to let you all in on my top vegan beauty products of the year 2014. So let's not diddle-daddle, here's the list. In no particular order...

MuLondon White Chocolate Elbow, Knee & Heel Cream

This one is a no-brainer. This product saved my feet during a particularly bad flare up of dermatitis. Unfortunately, we're back to the bad skin days but once again my feet are feeling soothed and smoothed.

Skin & Tonic Calm Balm

This is a relatively new discovery, having only made the purchase towards the end of the year. However, this product has quickly shot to the top of my 'holy grails' list and I now use it every single day. Marketed as a multi-use aromatic balm, I actually use this product as a moisturiser. My skin seems to love this particular blend of Shea butter and essential oils. I consistently wake up with skin that seems to have healed magically overnight. Big love for this. Full review soon.

Andalou Naturals Un-tinted BB Cream

This is another product that I talk about all the time, my staple moisturiser/primer for the warmer months. 

One Love Organics Morning Glory

On to the oils. This is my favourite oil for the daytime. It's a well-loved item among the green beauty community, hailed as a brilliant primer (correct) and an equally as brilliant complexion brightener (correct). Haven't done a review for this one yet, but stay tuned.

Pai BioRegenerate Rosehip Oil

Ah. I would consider this product one of those gateway natural items. It's high quality, not too pricey, and it works true wonders. The first time I used this, I almost fell off my chair. Again, no idea why I haven't done a review for this yet...

Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation

This is definitely up there with my favourite finds of 2014. I've always known that mineral foundations existed, but I always wrote them off as old-fashioned, cakey and drying. Oh boy was I pleasantly surprised by this little gem. 

RMS Beauty Un-Powder

So, there isn't much to say about this wonder. Apart from the fact that it has made its way on to multiple wish lists, favourites lists etc. It's brilliant. Not just any old setting powder, the Un-Powder is made from 100% finely-milled silica that gently blurs out imperfections and any lingering oil. Just try it.

The All Natural Face Cream Blushes

The cream blushes from TANF have been one of my favourite natural makeup discoveries this year. Not only are they amazingly priced, they are long-lasting, super smooth to apply, and come in a variety of beautiful shades. Pictured here is my favourite, Dusky Rose (they also work for the lips!).

Lily Lolo Mascara

My new favourite mascara, this offering from Lily Lolo has blown my Ilia mascara right out of the water. Similar in formula and effect, Lily Lolo's just has to win in terms of price-point. A full review will be going live next week, along with demo pictures.

Silk Naturals Slick Stick in Sea Breeze

Silk Naturals' vegan lipgloss/lipstick hybrid sticks are just my favourite lip products ever. Sea Breeze is a bright coral - that sings of summer - but continues to be beautiful on the lips all year round. It's super moisturising, highly pigmented and fades throughout the day in to a wonderful stain. Highly suggest you give these a go!

So that's it! My favourite vegan beauty products of 2014. Any listed above that haven't had full reviews, will be featured over the coming weeks.

What did you fall in love with last year?