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Review: Herbfarmacy Pure Hydration Serum

I’m always on the look out for a good hydrating serum. I try to wear a decent SPF everyday (review of the one I use here), and I’ve found that my skin can’t handle this in addition to a regular moisturiser. Therefore, underneath, I prefer to use a good quality hydrating serum that ensures my skin will stay plump without overloading my pores. Recently I’ve been using the Herbfarmacy Pure Hydration Serum*, and frankly, I couldn’t be happier.

This serum has got to be one of my favourite samples that I recieved as part of the brilliant Reading meet-up that was arranged by the wonder-trio: Rach, Sarah and Jen. We left with some serious booty and this serum has really been impressing me, especially as I haven’t tried much from Herbfarmacy as a brand. I’ve found that a lot of their products aren’t suitable for vegans but I’m super happy that this serum seems to be an exception to the rule.

Well on to the product, the Pure Hydration Serum claims to be an ‘easily-absorbed serum with powerful hydrating and moisture holding capacity’. I would definitely agree with this and I’ve found that the effects are similar to that of Hydraluron, a popular mainstream hydrator that uses hyaluronic acid, a humectant that can often be derived from animals. Herbfarmacy’s option does include sodium hyaluronate (the sodium salt involved in hyaluronic acid), however, you can feel reassured in the fact that Herbfarmacy do in fact use vegetarian sources of this ingredient, which can not always be promised with more non-natural companies. For those out of the loop, hyaluronic acid is great at attracting and holding in moisture. In other words, in increases the effectiveness of products used in succession to itself, locking in moisture.  

As mentioned beforehand, I’ve been using this serum under my SPF and I have been seriously loving it. It’s definitely a winner when it comes to layering with other products, avoiding the dreaded pilling effect that you can occasionally encounter with such practices. Obviously - as mentioned above - the sodium hyaluronate really helps with SPF layering as it increases the moisturising properties of anything used after it. The texture is really interesting but I do find that it absorbs easily and my skin feels instantly smoother and plumper. The hydration does seem to last throughout the day for me, however I do have slightly oilier skin and so dry skin friends will definitely need to layer it with a heavier moisturiser. 

The serum has a really pleasant smell which I suspect, is down to the marshmallow root extract. Marshmallow root is also really great at deeply moisturising and this in addition to aloe vera, shea butter and rose water makes the product really effective. It does seem to be preserved with alcohol (as well as potassium sorbate), but I don’t find this to be a problem due to the sheer abundance of wonderful hydrating ingredients.

All in all, this will be a possible re-purchase for me as I just find it fits in really well with my current routine. It’s not the cheapest ever at £24.50 but it’s super effective and comes in the cutest packaging, don’t you agree?