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Review: Red Apple Vegan Lipstick

I'm so glad to finally be reviewing the wonderful Red Apple Lipstick for you all! I've been trialling these lipsticks for a good few months, and all I can say is, the hype is dang real.

Red Apple Lipstick is a relatively new company, offering gorgeous natural lipsticks that are first and foremost, gluten-free, but also vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free and mostly dye-free. As well as these, they also offer a wide range of other products such as lip pencils, lip glosses, mascara and pressed eyeshadows (which I am DESPERATE to try). They first approached the radar after a read over at Britanie's blog, but recently they have taken the green beauty community by storm, and for a good reason. I signed up for their blogger program, and was lucky enough to be sent the shades Audrey* and Hibiskiss*. Audrey is a beautiful slightly plum-toned pink nude, and Hibiskiss is a true berry pink shade. Consequently, they actually look rather lovely when layered over each other.

Admittedly, they do look quite similar in the bullet - something that worried me upon first opening - but from the swatches you'll notice that they are both beautiful and unique shades. They also vary slightly in formula: Audrey being a sheeny, slightly sheerer consistency; and Hibiskiss, a slightly matte, more opaque option. Both shades were perfect to be wearing throughout autumn and I'm continuing to get a whole lot of use out of them as winter wades on. Both shades are super moisturising and I've never had them dry out my lips. Further to this, the staying power is truly something that I have never experienced. Natural lipsticks can often be quite 'wet', leading to transfer and general wear & tear throughout the day. However, I've found that these lipsticks really do stay in place, even after a hefty breakfast ;-)

As mentioned, the ingredients are all gluten-free and vegan. However, ingredients do vary depending on the lipstick's collection, so you can have a look at their full ingredients list here.

Now I also have to bring your attention to the stunning packaging. I've really never seen a natural lipstick look so luxurious and high-end! The bullets are a beautiful matte black, with a textured grip and a really, really satisfying click-close. However this quality (and it really is quality), is most definitely shown in the price of these lipsticks. They are rather pricey, and even more so for us UK-dwellers who will be paying some hefty shipping/customs fees on top of this. A lipstick retails for $23.50, however, there is always some kind of discount or coupon available so they're definitely still worth looking in to. You can actually sign up to their free VIP programme, and be sent a new coupon code every month! In fact, I insist that you do look in to them if you haven't already because I am truly enamoured by their lipsticks and frankly, I need more.