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Vegan Week Overview

Okay so Vegan Week turned out to be a bit of a fail didn't it? Unfortunately I had forgotten to schedule all my posts (bad blogger) and uni was being a bit of a nightmare. But, all in all, three out of seven isn't too bad. Right? Let's look at the posts that I actually did manage to put out this week.

Vegan Book Recs

We started off the week with a look at some vegan book recs, covering both non-fiction and cookbooks. Admittedly, I hadn't actually read a couple of them, but that blunder is being rectified pretty soon. 

My Vegan Skincare Routine

Next, a look at my current all-vegan skincare routine. My routine is always changing, but lately I've been settling in to a regular set up. Take a look at what products I'm currently using in my second post of Vegan Week - ft. lots of lovely favourite brands such as Pai and Andalou Naturals.

Review: Red Apple Vegan Lipstick

And then, we finished the week with a bang. Last in line was my review of a couple lipsticks from well... Red Apple Lipstick. Now this was a rave review if I ever saw one. Long story short, I need more. I NEED more. Red Apple Lipstick has definitely become my go-to brand for high quality vegan lipsticks.

So, that was last week. A couple posts that got left out include a Vegan Food Faves and a FAQ, which I will definitely be posting some time in the near future. Now, if Vegan Week has taught me anything, it's that I really need to use my planner more...