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Review: Lovea Argan Detangling & Conditioning Hair Spray

We'll start this review with a fun fact: detangling spray has been one of my last beauty items to go green. I have really knotty, thick hair and I rely on a good detangler to make brushing my hair both effective and bearable. Considering how much I love my Lovea sun lotion, I thought that I should give their haircare a try in the form of their Argan Detangling and Conditioning Hair Spray*

It's no joke that argan oil is fantastic for your hair. For a while now, I've been polishing off my hair routine with a few drops of the widely-proclaimed 'liquid gold'. This product claims to harness this wondrous oil, to leave your hair super smooth and tangle-free. Unfortunately, I'm not 100% sure whether I can agree. I started out believing that I LOVED this product. However, after a few more uses I came to realise that I was just being blinded by its pretty damn delicious scent. The simple packaging is great and the spray mechanism is spot-on, but I'm just not that sold on the formula within.

The product appears as a clear water-like liquid which is to be sprayed on to wet hair before drying. This is absolutely fine, however after drying my hair can sometimes feel a little sticky or gritty, almost as if I've sprayed it with a good amount of hairspray. As you can imagine, this doesn't help too much with the detangling. On the upside, spraying a little while dry, leaves my hair smooth, super shiny and with just enough texture for a little curl-scrunching action. 

Despite this being a definite bargain product (coming in at a little over £5), I can't help but feel a little disappointed with its performance. Saying this though, I only wash my hair once a week or so, so my opinions may change after a couple more uses. Maybe I'm using a bit too much? Who knows. If you'd like to give this a try (or try Lovea's awesome sun lotion), the brand is available on MyPure with free UK delivery.