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Spring/Summer Green Beauty Swap 2015

Okay, so it's summer. And what does that mean? The Spring/Summer Green Beauty Swap of course! The wonderful Ria from NaturiaBeauty hosts two fabulous green beauty swaps per year and I was absolutely ecstatic to get stuck in to the latest (you check out how the Christmas one went here). I've had great fun scouring Twitter and the blogs for what everyone else got and now you can finally see what I received! 

I was paired with Ashtynne from Green Beauty Babe and we were quick to get emailing and clue each other up on our perfect swap wishlist. Ashtynne and I were pretty flexible on brands etc so we just made sure that we let the other know what kind of ingredients we like to avoid. We were both a little delayed in terms of sending our packages (for various reasons), but when the day finally came, oh... it was a good one. Look at all the lovely goodies!

I'm super impressed with everything Ashtynne got me, especially as the package contains all brands that I've never tried before (minus Kahina). Also, I definitely squealed when I spied the Fat & The Moon Pimple Mud as it's something that I've been eyeing for the longest time. I was also stunned by that gorgeous Antonym Blush. The colour is absolutely beautiful and I've reached for it each and every time I've applied makeup since getting it; and look at that packaging! The Etta + Billie Ginger Orange Body Scrub is super interesting as well as it's solid... Lush style!

Here's a full list of what I so gratefully received:

Etta + Billie Ginger Orange Body Scrub

Fat + The Moon Pimple Mud

Kahina Night Cream (sample)

Yuli Harmony Body Oil (sample)

S. W. Basics Vegan Cocoa Lip Balm

Antonym Baked Blush in Peach

I'd just like to say another massive THANK YOU to Ria for arranging the swap and to Ashtynne for sending me such lovely things! Bring on the Christmas swap - yay!

Did you take part in the Spring/Summer Green Beauty Swap?