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A Moment with MuLondon - Vegan Brand Spotlight

Welcome back to the 'official' Katie Vibes small vegan brand spotlight series! Over the next couple weeks I will be talking to a variety of 100% vegan small businesses about their products and why they find it so important to be a vegan brand. Brands will vary from makeup to skincare, and from widely-known to truly indie companies. Enjoy! 


This time I spoke to Boris from one of my absolute favourite British brands, MuLondon.

What brand do you represent and what is your title?
Hi! I'm Boris and I'm the Founder & Head Cream-Whipper at MuLondon.


Tell me a little about your brand - what was the motivation behind starting it?
MuLondon is an all-natural, organic and vegan artisan skincare brand, based in London. We make products for dry, sensitive and problem skin using only the finest certified organic materials: shea butter, jojoba oil, coconut butter, hemp seed oil, healing herbal extracts and precious essential oils.

I started MuLondon because of my own skin issues - eczema, psoriasis and reactive skin. Wanting to find a more natural, cruelty-free solution to steroid creams, I started making my own products. MuLondon's philosophy is to use mild, effective and time-proven herbs like soothing chamomile, anti-inflammatory marigold and calming lavender. Our formulas are simple but potent, and contain as few ingredients as possible, to suit even the most sensitive skin types. We do not use any chemical preservatives or petrochemical ingredients like mineral oil, silicones or emulsifiers.

Why do you find being a vegan brand so important? 
As a vegan myself, I would not have it any other way than having a 100% vegan skincare company. Using animal ingredients is dated, unnecessary and cruel. MuLondon has a number of cruelty-free and vegan certifications and endorsements: The Vegan Society, PETA, Viva!, Naturewatch, Choose Cruelty Free Australia and SAFE New Zealand. We're also a registered Humane Corporation, which means we do not support any charities that fund or conduct animal testing.

Tell me about some of your best-selling products?
All MuLondon products sell well, and what is interesting is that because of our international customer base, best-sellers vary from country to country. Overall, these three are always big customer favourites:

MuLondon Organic Rose, Rosehip & Rosemary Moisturiser: Luxury face cream with Rose Otto oil, Rosehip Extract and Rosemary Antioxidant. This amazing trio will pamper, balance and nourish dry, irritated and sensitive skin.

MuLondon Organic White Chocolate Truffle Moisturiser: Indulge your skin and your senses in this luxury, delicious and decadent spread for your face and body. Contains fragrant extracts of Cocoa and pure Bourbon Vanilla - to spoil, pamper and excite.

MuLondon Organic Hemp Moisturiser: Fresh, woody, smoky, green and mystical - this moisturiser heals and protects with organic Shea Butter and pure cold-pressed Hemp Seed Oil. Black Spruce, Vetivert Root and Cedar Wood oils are blended to create a uniquely fragranced cream that appeals to both men and women. (Katie: This is one of my absolute favourites!)

Where can we find you online?
We love connecting with our customers, beauty bloggers and other vegans, so please get in touch!

Website: www.MuLondon.com
Instagram: www.instagram.com/mulondon (or search for the username "mulondon")
Facebook: www.facebook.com/mulondon
twitter: www.twitter.com/mulondon
Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/mulondon

Anything else you'd like to mention?
It's wonderful to see how many people around the world are actively looking for cruelty-free and vegan skincare. We're delighted that MuLondon is on their radar, and that we have received such amazing support from the vegan community. Thank you for helping to spread the word, Katie! ❤

Thank you Boris! 

I really don't shut up about MuLondon's Limited Edition White Choc Elbow, Knee and Heel Cream. Read my review of it here. I have also mentioned it in my Winter Essentials, Summer-Ready Products, and Best Vegan Beauty of 2014.

[Image credit: MuLondon]