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Salt Scrubs: Bathing Beauty, Hugo & Debra Naturals

Exfoliation is an aspect of green beauty (and beauty routines in general), that I have always greatly ignored. This is not on purpose; of course not. But, it is a ritual that I often find myself forgetting to include in my bath time preparations. In addition to this, I had always found sugar scrubs to be a little... naff. I've now solved this issue - enter the salt scrubs!

I've been absolutely adoring salt scrubs as an alternative. Not only are they more effective, but they come with a heap of extra benefits like:

  • Salt is a natural purifier, so salt scrubs will help purify and detox your skin of toxins.
  • The minerals help encourage proper circulation (something which is definitely an issue for me).

Keeping this in mind, here are two salt scrubs that I've been enjoying using during my pamper routines. We have one definite splurge item, and one that is a little more budget-friendly.

Bathing Beauty Mount Olympus Lemon & Rosemary Sea Salt Body Scrub
I first came across Bathing Beauty at my first ever Love Natural Love Organic show. I was lucky enough to meet George and after some pretty nifty sales techniques (and genuine product expertise), I was hooked. In the first instance, I had walked away empty handed but I couldn't stop thinking about this scrub on my travels and had to make a final bee-line for the BB stand before my journey home. This delightful scrub is truly a slice of heaven - it's rosemary based and therefore smells absolute divine. It's totally luxurious and I use this scrub when I need a proper relaxing session. I find that it's best to apply this one to dry skin in the shower for best results. Just wait till you feel your skin. However, this one is a little pricy so I use it sparingly. You would probably all shout at me if you knew how long it has been open - I just don't want it to end! Unfortunately I can't find a link for this one, I hope it hasn't been discontinued :(

Ingredients: Sodium chloride (sea salt), vitis vinifera (grapeseed oil), olive europaea (olive oil), lemon zest, rosemarinus officinalis (rosemary herb and oil), *geraniol, *limonene *linalool, *citral - *naturally occurs in essential oils.

Hugo & Debra Naturals Himalayan Pink Sea Salt Scrub
And this is the scrub I use when I just want to slather myself in product. I so gratefully received this as a gift from my boyfriend's Dad last Christmas (10/10 marks), and have loved it ever since. Hugo & Debra Naturals is a great value brand and seeing so I'm pretty sure he picked this up in TK Maxx, this is true easy green beauty. TK Maxx is actually a gold-mine for vegan beauty (future post maybe?). I have the grapefruit scent of this wonderful salt scrub which is perfect for a Sunday morning pick-me-up. This scrub has smaller granules and more oil so I tend to use it in the bath as an exfoliation/moisturising double-whammy. 

Ingredients: Sodium chloride (sea salt), glycerin, prunus amygdalus dulcis (sweet almond oil), simmondsia chinensis (jojoba seed oil), tocopherol (red palm oil), arnica montana flower extract, avena satvia (oat kernel extract)*, citrus grandis (grapefruit peel oil). *certified organic

Are you team salt scrub or team sugar scrub? ;-)