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Intro to: Savon Stories

Savon Stories are no doubt one of the most interesting brands that I came across during my travels around the Love Natural Love Organic/Allergy & Free From show this year. I was really impressed by their ethos, their packaging, and everything about their wonderful products. Savon Stories' speciality is traditionally-made and 100% organic castile soaps in both solid and liquid form. I was lucky enough to have a nice long chat with the founding family and I was amazed to hear that the brand is inspired by the founder's grandfather who lived to 115! He headed the family's century-old organic farm and eat fresh, raw, organic food in small portions. The family sum up the grandfather's ethos in the words "raw minimalism" and this is definitely translated in to the brand's products, explaining why Savon Stories consider high-quality raw organic ingredients to be of the upmost importance. Natural essential oils are added to a cocktail of nourishing base oils (virgin olive oil, coconut, castor, and hempseed), creating a delicious castile soap concoction. 

Funnily enough, my first encounter with the brand was actually in the show's pop-up toilets! A variety of soaps were available at the sinks and I was immediately attracted to the soap by it's truly beautiful packaging and lovely scents. And - thankfully - after testing the soap, I was astounded to find that my hands were super soft and moisturised! I often find that soap (and even natural soap) can leave my hands feeling really dry and tight. Obviously this can often be fixed by slapping on some hand cream but unfortunately, even this cannot undo the damage that drying soaps can do to my hands that are, like my feet, very prone to dyshidrotic eczema. These flare-ups can stick around for weeks at a time so I prefer to avoid all possible catalysts! So to sum up: their soaps are cold press organic, raw, vegan, palm-free, AND highly moisturising... Awesome!

I was lucky enough to be gifted a 300ml bottle of their Lime and Bergamot liquid soap* and I have been enjoying it so much. Although my Mum still uses regular soap around the house, I often have a natural bottle on the side for myself and Savon Stories has got to be the top contender out of all the liquid soaps I have tried so far. Lime and Bergamot is the perfect scent for me and I always find myself sniffing my hands after washing. The ingredients are brilliant (see below) and their liquid soap was even a finalist in the Natural and Organic Awards 2015 'Best New Natural Beauty & Spa Product' category. So, if you're looking for a new soap to try, please check out Savon Stories. They also offer natural shower accessories and now even a shampoo bar so they're definitely a brand to keep high on your radar.

Ingredients for the Bergamot and Lime liquid soap: spring water (aqua); organic extra virgin olive oil (sodium olivate); organic coconut oil glycerine; organic coconut oil (sodium cocoate); organic castor oil (sodium castorate); organic hempseed oil (cannabis satvia); organic essential oils of: lime & bergamot (citrus latifolia & citrus bergamia - naturally occurring citral, geraniol, limonene & linalool); natural fruit (citric) acid; wheatgerm vitamin E (tocopherol).