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A Moment with Skin Blossom - Vegan Brand Spotlight

So here we go, the 'official' Katie Vibes small vegan brand spotlight series! Over the next couple weeks I will be talking to a variety of 100% vegan small businesses about their products and why they find it so important to be a vegan brand. Brands will vary from makeup to skincare, and from widely-known to truly indie companies. Enjoy! 

First up, I spoke to a brand that I constantly recommend for value, Skin Blossom. I took a few moments with founder, Cris. 


What brand do you represent and what is your title?
Cris, founder of Skin Blossom Ltd.

Tell me a little about your brand - what was the motivation behind starting it?
I started Skin Blossom in 2007 in a bid to make beautiful organic skin and hair care affordable to people. As a big fan of natural products I found that the nice organic beauty products were really pricey. So hence Skin Blossom was born!

Why do you find being a vegan brand so important? 
I love animals and wildlife so do not believe that they should be used in beauty products and we are completely cruelty free. The full Skin Blossom range is certified by the Vegan Society so customers can be sure of our integrity.

Tell me about some of your best-selling products?
As our range is quite small with only 12 products, it offers all you need for an effective organic skin and hair care regime. All the products are everyday essentials and sell quickly. If I had to pick one product to try as an introduction to the range I would suggest our Caring Hand Cream which is only £5.95 for 75ml. It is a lovely treat for hard working and dry hands!


Where can we find you online?
www.skinblossom.co.uk or www.ocado.com. We're also available in health and beauty stores nationwide, please get in touch for more information.

Thanks Cris! 

Check out my review of the Skin Blossom Bath Soak here. Also PLEASE try the hand cream. It's good, I promise. Read about it here.

[Image credit: Skin Blossom]