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5 Green Beauty Resolutions for the New Year

The new year is nearly here! New year's eve is tomorrow and it's a great time to be thinking about the little changes you'll be making for the new year--the new year is perfect for changing habits. Here's a couple changes you can make if you're new to the world of green beauty: 

1. Stop using cotton rounds - This one is probably the easiest. I don't really use cotton rounds anymore unless I need to remove nail polish (and even that can be avoided with a peel-off polish like Little Ondine). If you do need to use something like a cotton round, why not try a reusable kind (e.g. these from Love the Planet) or at least, switch to rounds made from organic cotton like these from Simply Gentle. You can even pick up organic cotton rounds on the high street from Boots.

2. Try a cleansing oil - I will tell you now, cleansing oils will change your life. They make it so easy and luxurious to cleanse and remove makeup. You can find cleansing oils for every skin type (even oily skin - trust me, it works) and using an oil totally reduces waste created by makeup wipes and the like. I like to apply to my face, massage in for a few minutes, then steam off my face with a nice warm flannel. The flannels can then be washed in the washing machine and used again - easy! I have combo/oily skin so my favourite cleansing oils include: Vedani Botanicals No. 21, Mallow & White Soothe*, and plain ole simple organic jojoba oil.

3. Go at least 3-free with your nail polish - This is also a pretty easy change. There is a good change that a few of your favourite nail polish brands are at least 3-free. My favourite cruelty free and at least 3-free brands include Zoya, Little Ondine, Maggie Anne, Butter London, and Nailberry.

4. Try a natural or DIY body scrub - You will be surprised at how many beauty products can be made from scratch - body scrub is a super easy one and can be made from ingredients such as sea salt, raw sugar, shea butter, and/or cold-pressed oils. I've never done a blog post on this but the lovely Sarah Price has done many. Check out her: Energising Himalayan Salt Scrub, Spiced Chai Scrub, and Green Tea Scrub.

5. Try a mineral powder foundation - Powder foundations can seem a bit intimidating, especially to those used to mainstream liquid varieties. However, they are absolutely brilliant for skins that are prone to oil and acne. My absolute favourite mineral powder foundation is from Alima Pure, and you're sure to find your shade due to their amazing shade range. The loose powder only has four ingredients, but offers great coverage and can be built up really easy. And, if loose isn't your thing, Alima have recently released a pressed version that I'm eager to try. You can even buy refills to reduce packaging! I use the shade Neutral 2 in the loose foundation, but shade names do differ between formulations. 

What little green beauty changes will you be making in 2017?