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Vegan Beauty Beginners Christmas Gift Guide

Oh my gosh, I'm finally doing some kind of gift guide! It's not the biggest selection in the world, but here we have a little group of present ideas for the budding vegan beauty enthusiast in the family...

Little Ondine Twins
I recently did a first impressions post for a polish from this very interesting natural brand. I loved it - and now I've got my eye on their clever little sets that come with two coordinating shades. These are perfect for Christmas; you get two wonderful (and super clean) nail polishes that are worth a lot more money than you're paying. They're polishes are water-based - AMAZING. I love this classic nude and deep red duo.

Botanicals Gentle Skincare Christmas Collection
It's certainly true that I don't shut up about Botanicals but that's with good reason. You really can't find a much better brand that is natural, organic, good value, and 100% vegan. Their Christmas collections are perfect - and this gentle variation comes with the brilliant Mandarin & Chamomile Cleanser*; something that I've recently tried and loved. These collections are a great way to introduce someone to natural skincare.

Konjac Sponge Co. Charcoal Sponge
Konjac sponges are a green beauty staple and I am constantly recommending them to family and friends. They're brilliant for improving the efficacy of your foaming and/or cream cleansers, adding a little gentle exfoliation in to your everyday routine. They come in different variations for different skin types so there's definitely something for everyone. Those who are not green-inclined may find these magical sponges a little strange, but I guarantee they'll get hooked. You can now even get konjac sponges for the body as well!

MuLondon White Chocolate Elbow, Knee & Heel Cream
I've mentioned this multiple times on the blog and yet again, I cannot leave this little gem out of my suggestions. MuLondon creates some seriously high-quality and luxurious products and this multi-purpose balm is perfect for a beauty-concious friend or relative. It's wonderful for treating dryness and minor skin conditions like eczema. I've done a full review of this and also - if you want to learn more about the brand in general - you can check out my interview with founder of the brand, Boris.

Harpers Bizarre Candles
These candles are a new discovery for me but they've quickly taken over my life... since finding the brand, I've bought LOADS. I originally made an order for myself but then only a week later, I made a second order for Christmas presents. They're the perfect size and price for secret santa presents, while still being that little bit different and interesting. They come in a huge variety of scents (including special seasonal ones), so you're sure to find something you like as well... Check out my full review here. My favourite from the seasonal range is Dirty Crow - a beautiful mulled wine scent.

Have any other suggestions for us? Leave them below!

A Moment with Skin Blossom - Vegan Brand Spotlight

So here we go, the 'official' Katie Vibes small vegan brand spotlight series! Over the next couple weeks I will be talking to a variety of 100% vegan small businesses about their products and why they find it so important to be a vegan brand. Brands will vary from makeup to skincare, and from widely-known to truly indie companies. Enjoy! 

First up, I spoke to a brand that I constantly recommend for value, Skin Blossom. I took a few moments with founder, Cris. 


What brand do you represent and what is your title?
Cris, founder of Skin Blossom Ltd.

Tell me a little about your brand - what was the motivation behind starting it?
I started Skin Blossom in 2007 in a bid to make beautiful organic skin and hair care affordable to people. As a big fan of natural products I found that the nice organic beauty products were really pricey. So hence Skin Blossom was born!

Why do you find being a vegan brand so important? 
I love animals and wildlife so do not believe that they should be used in beauty products and we are completely cruelty free. The full Skin Blossom range is certified by the Vegan Society so customers can be sure of our integrity.

Tell me about some of your best-selling products?
As our range is quite small with only 12 products, it offers all you need for an effective organic skin and hair care regime. All the products are everyday essentials and sell quickly. If I had to pick one product to try as an introduction to the range I would suggest our Caring Hand Cream which is only £5.95 for 75ml. It is a lovely treat for hard working and dry hands!


Where can we find you online?
www.skinblossom.co.uk or www.ocado.com. We're also available in health and beauty stores nationwide, please get in touch for more information.

Thanks Cris! 

Check out my review of the Skin Blossom Bath Soak here. Also PLEASE try the hand cream. It's good, I promise. Read about it here.

[Image credit: Skin Blossom]

Vegan Cuts June Snack Box Review

A good month or so ago (I've been super busy!), I was luckily enough to be emailed by Vegan Cuts and asked to review one of their snack boxes*. If you haven't already heard of Vegan Cuts, they are a company that provide monthly subscription boxes filled with amazing vegan snacks, or beauty products, depending on your preference. I filmed a ingredients review of their August 2014 beauty box last year - which you can see here - so I was super excited to receive some lovely new products from them. Especially considering that this time they were edible...

Unfortunately, after receiving the box, I almost completely forgot that I was meant to be doing a review. I was sure to take a picture immediately after it arrived, but I then proceeded to eat most of the snacks without making note of what they were or how I liked them. Wow Katie, super blogger skills. That's a compliment on their part though, right?

One thing I did notice about the snack box - in comparison to alternative vegan snack boxes - is that it was literally filled to the brim. You can see from the picture that the box was bursting with delicious vegan snacks which makes it extremely good value for money. In the US, a single snack box is just under $20 including delivery which is pretty much on point. I will note however that outside of the US, the value is not so good. A UK customer can expect to pay around $35 (£22) including shipping which is bummer considering that a lot of the products aren't available in the UK when you want to restock. In spite of this, let's get on to how delicious the snacks were! Here are the three highlights:

Yum Earth Organics Sour Jelly Beans

These were super yummy and especially satisfying seeing so I've been seriously craving jelly beans over the last few weeks. Most main market jelly beans contain beeswax, but of course these are 100% vegan. My only complaint is that the packet they came in was WAY too small. Still craving those jelly beans. :-(

Home Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

Again, these satisfied a craving that I've been suffering with for a while. I'm not even a huge fan of chocolate cookies but these were really nice. They were a cute small bitesize which was perfect for a quick sweet snack at the work desk. However I'm not finding that I'm missing these as much as I just found out that I can eat Fox's dark chocolate cookies (amazing).

SuperEats Kale + Chia Chips, Chilli & Lime

These may have been bright green and not the most appetising looking things, but they were definitely yummy. They have the perfect amount of spice which is cleverly offset by the sourness of the lime. These were incredibly moreish and I zoomed through the packet in about ten seconds. If I could source just one of these products in the UK, it would be these. Or maybe the jelly beans. Or maybe these. Hm. 

Find out more about Vegan Cuts here

. Have you tried one of their boxes?