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Review: Madara Detox Ultra-Purifying Mud Mask

Today we're talking about face masks - regular face masks - not the natural norm of a mask in powder form. Obviously, powdered face masks to be mixed with water etc. are always better in terms of purity of ingredients and lasting power. However, sometimes we just don't have the time for alchemy and need something quick, easy, and pre-mixed. 

With this in mind, let me introduce you to the Madara Detox Ultra-Purifying Mud Mask*. As mentioned, this mask is a refreshing departure from the fiddling and time-consumption that comes with our beloved clay powder-based masks. You'd think that this change would come with major sacrifice in terms of ingredients but I am happy to report that I was pleasantly surprised. Things could be better, but when I have only ten minutes to spare, it shall be this mask that I reach for - not my rhassoul powder. It is still clay-based (with the inclusion of kaolin), but the addition of sapropel mud and floral waters and extracts allow for a more traditional texture. 

I have been using this product throughout November and I am rather impressed with the improvements that it has made to my overall skin texture, which I am attributing to the lactic acid - an ingredient that my skin has always appreciated. As winter creeps forward, my skin has a tendency to become bumpy and rough, as a reaction to the quick changing weather and sudden usage of heavier moisturisers. However, this product has been effective at keeping those blocked pores, blackheads and uneven texture at bay, ensuring that a clear and bright complexion continues in to the colder months. Application takes just a couple seconds and after leaving on the skin for just ten minutes, this has been my skin's quick fix. 

Despite all this, there are a couple points I'd like to raise that may in the future, prevent me from repurchasing. Firstly, the packaging is small and you don't really get much product for your money. Just 60ml will set you back £20. Considering it's effectiveness this wouldn't be too much of a worry for me, but I am finding that the tube is going down quite quickly. The mask itself dries fast once applied to the face (within a minute) and so I found myself using a lot of product for only one application. Also, it is worth noting that the mask carries a strong scent (possibly from included floral waters), and although this dissipates after a time, some may find the strength mildly unpleasant. Personally, I didn't mind too much. 

Overall, I am extremely thankful to have the option of a quick face mask session, despite the slight financial sacrifice. I would definitely recommend this to anyone with oily combo skin, who is looking for a traditional style face mask that is still both natural and effective. You can find this new release at My Pure, who also provide sample sizes of the mask if you wanted to try before you buy!

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