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Review: Ere Perez Carrot Colour Pots
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Ever since I got interested in green beauty, I have lusted after the perfect multi-purpose colour pot a la RMS. Unfortunately, the cult favourites are not vegan-friendly due to their use of beeswax. Every now and then I similar product comes on to the market but I am yet to be impressed. That is, until now. Ere Perez have intrigued me ever since they first popped onto LoveLula. Hailing from Australia, Ere Perez offers super high-quality natural and organic makeup that is more often than not, vegan-friendly. Although they do occasionally use beeswax, I am happy to say that these colour pots are totally bee-free. 

The Carrot Colour Pots* have been an absolute pleasure to use and I am happy to have finally found something like this that is both vegan and up to the job. The two shades I have tried, Holy and Healthyare beautiful on both lips and cheeks and I have been using them non-stop since I received them. Amazingly, I believe they are also dye-free and so attest to the fact that beautiful bright colours can be achieved without carmine or dyes. Holy is a wonderful bitten berry colour (that leans more pink than it does below), and Healthy is a blush nude that looks very subtle and well, healthy on the cheeks. Although the shade range is limited, it covers most ground and you're sure to find a shade that you like. 

They seem to last really well on me (which is a feat with my oily skin) and I'm yet to experience any irritation or break-outs. I was a little dubious of the caprylic as it is a form of coconut oil, but my skin doesn't seem to react in the same way that it does with the raw kind. With that in mind, these seem to be relatively acne-friendly which is brilliant and very much welcomed for a cream product. Ere Perez seem to be ticking all of the boxes here.


In addition to the vegan ingredients and lovely shades, I also appreciate that they come in little glass jars. Although the lid is plastic, I'm sure it'll be easy to repurpose the packaging once the product is either used-up or expired. I really appreciate this fact and sustainability can (ironically) often be lacking within the green beauty space. Ere Perez have been making some really significant changes in their packaging recently and it has been refreshing to see. Their new skincare range is a great example of this and I would be lying if I wasn't keen on adorning my dressing table with more of their beautiful frosted glass.

Will you be trying the Colour Pots from Ere Perez?

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Thank you in advance if you choose to use one!

New In: PHB Ethical Beauty Pressed Makeup
L-R: Peony blush, Ash Blonde brow powder, Smokey Quartz eyeshadow, Grape eyeshadow, Dove Grey eyeshadow

L-R: Peony blush, Ash Blonde brow powder, Smokey Quartz eyeshadow, Grape eyeshadow, Dove Grey eyeshadow

PHB Ethical Beauty's pressed makeup collection isn't quite new, but it is still rather under the radar within the green beauty community. Natural pressed makeup is rare, and pressed makeup that is both natural and vegan? Well... it's the holy grail. PHB's new pressed line is both of these things, along with being halal-certified and great value for money. Yes, I know that the packaging isn't quite the prettiest to look at, but the pans can be removed and placed into a z-palette and the performance definitely makes up for this fact.

Over the last couple months, I have been testing a couple of the eyeshadows, a brow powder, and a blush. I chose the eyeshadow shades; Dove Grey, Grape*, and Smokey Quartz*. Overall, impressions have been good but I will say that the formula isn't quite perfect for me. I feel like the pigmentation can vary between shades (shimmer/metallic shades seem to work best), and they can kick up quite a lot of product. However, when you consider that most natural eyeshadow is loose, it really isn't that much of an issue. Their pressed form still makes them more favourable in terms of things like travel-friendliness. My standards when it comes to pressed eyeshadows can also be a bit high as I have recently got into pressing a lot of my indie eyeshadows (sneak peek above). The pigmentation for the Peony Blush* is brilliant and this super bright shade calls for an incredibly light hand. It does look a little metallic in the pan but goes on completely matte.

They definitely have an extensive eyeshadow shade range and hopefully this will continue to grow in the future. There's also a good selection of shades for the brow products and the blushes. However, they seem to currently be lacking in the base department and it would be brilliant to see some deeper shades for our darker-skinned ladies. I will say though, that the shades do seem to go pale enough for me (that can usually be an issue), and I've also found suitable shades in their new liquid base products - review coming soon for those. The Ash Blonde Brow Powder* is also a pretty good match and is ashy enough that it doesn't come up with too much red in it; a classic problem for 'blonde' eyebrow products! I still prefer to use a waxy product for my brows but occasionally it is nice to get a little more definition by following with a powder. It helps them stay in place on those nights out!

Overall, I'm rather impressed with all of the new makeup products coming out from PHB Ethical Beauty. They're one of my absolute favourite brands and I'm really excited to see them pushing the boat out for natural and vegan makeup! Check out their line at LoveLula.