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Recent Empties #8

Come on guys, do I really need an intro for these things anymore?

Odylique Tea Tree & Herb Shampoo
This will forever be in my empties. No explanation needed (but I will be doing a full review soon). I’m trying to hunt down a cheaper alternative but unfortunately, I think I’m coming to the conclusion that nothing else keeps my scalp as soothed and itch-free, without the need for an ACV rinse. Also, it smells AMAZING.

Green People Quinoa & Calendula Shower Gel*
Green People sent me this a while ago along with the deodorant from the same line. I have done a full review, but in short, I do enjoy this shower gel. It has a really fresh scent but if I’m honest, if I’m to spend this much on a shower gel, then I’m probably more likely to spend the money on something like Bodhi & Birch that lasts about five times as long.

Acure Organics Argan Oil
I bought this argan oil way back when I first started using green beauty; in my first ever iHerb order in fact. I bought it with my hair in mind but actually ended up using it as a straight body oil in a bid to use it up. I also used it on my eczema and my skin actually reacted really well to it. However, I don’t think I’ll be repurchasing as there are other basic oils (like Soil Association certified sunflower oil from eNaissance – love!) that are easier to get hold of and have a similar effect on my angry skin.

Hugo & Debra Naturals Grapefruit Himalayan Pink Salt Scrub
This was a really lovely basic scrub with decent ingredients, a decent price, and decent availability. I got this as a Christmas present from my boyfriend’s Dad who bought it from TK Maxx. The grapefruit was refreshing but not overpowering and the ‘scrubiness’ was just perfect. TK Maxx can actually be a bit of a gold mine for green beauty. I assume he picked it up just because he just saw the words ‘natural’ and ‘vegan’ but damn, he did well. Leave a comment below if you’d like to see a post on the kinds of brands you can pick up!

Herbfarmacy Pure Hydration Serum
I have done a full review on this. I absolutely loved this product the first time around when I received it as a PR sample and this was my repurchase. However, I do think my love has waned and I can no longer justify its price tag. These days I prefer to use something with a thinner consistency and a higher concentration of hyaluronic acid that can be mixed with other serums. I’m now really enjoying this offering from Evolve Beauty. The Herbfarmacy has more of a milky consistency and can pill when used with other products. If you prefer all your products to be organic certified then go for the Herbfarmacy (they are certified by the Soil Association – my certification of choice), but I do find the Evolve to be a lot more versatile.

Hynt Beauty Skin Prep Serum (sample)
I was sent the Hynt Beauty Skin Prep as a free sample when I ordered by Sweet Canyon Palette. It’s a really lovely makeup primer which gorgeous botanical ingredients like algae (it does also contain carageenan though which I need to look into). I’d really consider buying the full size of this, but cannot decide whether I’d be more suited for their SPF version, the Sun Prep. Maybe I’ll try a sample of the later before I make my decision as I’m thinking of making another order for their cult concealer to see my dark circles through the early university mornings this winter.

Harper's Bizarre Bizarre Zombielicious Candle
Harper's Bizarre is my absolute favourite indie vegan candle company. They make the most gorgeous scents and although they’re not all from essential oils, they don’t give me a headache (important) and they make me extremely happy. Zombielicious was another of their limited edition Halloween scents that I bought last year. And, as Halloween is again fast approaching, I’ll soon be stocking up when I see them at VegFest London and/or Cambridge Vegan Fair in October.

Schmidt's Bergamot & Lime Deodorant Stick
This deo has HG status. Full review here. I have repurchased put decided to try the Cedarwood & Juniper scent.

Vedani Botanicals No. 21 Cleanser
Another one of my favourite products that needs no explanation. Full review here (I swear I'm not doing this just to be lazy). I have loads of cleansing oils to use up at the moment but I will be repurchasing in the future.

Botanicals Mandarin & Chamomile Cleansing Melt*
This is a really gorgeous product but unfortunately it makes me a little nervous because of the coconut oil. My skin has reacted badly to coconut oil in the past and so I'm hesitant to try anything bigger than this sample jar. I did enjoy it though and definitely suggest you try it if you have more combo/dry skin.

What have you used up lately?

Review: Botanicals Orange Blossom Body Balm

And here we continue with my obsession with Botanicals... This time looking at the Orange Blossom Body Balm*. Here we have a small jar of sunflower and shea based balm, perfect for moisturising post-bath or shower. And seeing so it's from Botanicals, you can be sure that it's made from only the highest quality organic (certified by the Soil Association) ingredients that will truly nourish your skin.

The shea butter is significant for me as I have found the ingredient to be highly effective when it comes to moisturising without the dreaded greasy feel. When applied to damp skin, shea butter almost completely sinks in to the skin, leaving a gentle glow. And this oil base with the addition of the wonderful scents of orange blossom, patchouli and neroli essential oils means that this is a truly deliciously smelling product. Botanicals are really starting to take the position as one of my favourite brands and this is another brilliant offering from them. 

As mentioned, I love to apply this after getting out the shower. I've never been the best person for remembering to moisturise my body but I find that this method (and keeping my products in the bathroom), really help to remind me. And how can I not want to moisturise with a product this good?! It really does sink in super fast and I find that I can get dressed in minutes without the worry of transfer. 

I've had a bit of difficulty with getting the product out of the jar but that's mainly down to it being a smaller sample size. Other than that I had absolutely no issues with the packaging and it does look super classy on your shelf... 

I definitely suggest checking this one out if you're looking for a new body moisturisier, and definitely check Botanicals out if you're looking for super good quality organic & vegan products at a fair price.

Have you tried anything from Botanicals lately?

Ingredients: Helianthus annus (sunflower) seed oil*, butyrospermum parkii (shea) butter*, simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil*, prunus armeniaca (apricot) kernel oil*, cetyl alcohol, cetearyl alcohol, glycerine***, tocopherol, citrus aurantium dulcis (orange) peel oil*, citrus aurantium bergamia (bergamot) fruit oil*, pogostemon cablin oil (patchouli oil)*, cananga odorata flower oil*, citrus aurantium amara (bitter orange) flower oil*, zea mays seed flour*, linalool**, limonene**, benzyl benzoate**, benzyl salicylate**. (*Certified organic. **Natural constituents of essential oils. ***Organic origin.)


Review: Botanicals Lavender Botanical Water (and how to use it!)

You cannot deny - floral waters are bloody brilliant. They are generally purer than most traditional 'toners', and they are just so versatile. Recently, I've been trialling the

Botanicals Lavender Botanical Water*

and here are some of my favourite ways to use it:

As a toner... obviously.

Okay, so this is probably a given - but floral waters really do make great toners. This Botanicals one in particular has brilliant ingredients (at the bottom of this post), and still feels like it's doing something. The lavender is both moisturising and soothing for slightly angry acneic skin. Sometimes I use this after a more exfoliating toner, and sometimes I use it on it's own. Works great either way.

To increase the efficacy of oils.

A great way to get the most out of your favourite facial oil is to first spritz the skin with a good helping of floral water. The extra moisture will increase slip and make the oil go further, making sure that every bit of your face is nourished. 

As a cooling facial spritz.

Again, probably an obviously one but floral waters are great for cooling down in this hot(?) weather we've been having lately. I like to carry my Botanicals one around with me as the packaging is small, compact, and secure enough for a handbag.

For setting makeup.

Floral waters are also brilliant as natural makeup setting sprays. The light distilled (spring in the case of Botanicals), water is great to smooth out any cakey-ness and hide any dryness that may have been exacerbated my makeup application. I find that my makeup lasts a lot longer if I finish with a couple sprays of floral water.

For your hair.

Bit of a funny one, but I also like to spritz my hair a little before blow-drying. I find that it helps to tame frizz and also makes my hair smell rather lovely, especially after it's regular ACV rinse!

If you're already a fan or if you're new to the world of floral waters, I highly suggest that you give Botanicals a go as their products are simple, organic, and super reasonably priced. You can get it here.


Aqua, lavandula angustifolia (lavender) flower oil*, geraniol**, linalool**, limonene**. (Certified organic ingredients. **Natural constituents of essential oil.)

Have you tried any Botanicals products? Or do you LOVE floral waters like me?