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Autumntal Bath Time with Living Naturally

Some months ago now I was sent some absolutely wonderful products by the soapnut-centric vegan organic brand, Living Naturally. They are a brand that's been on my radar for some time as I had been intrigued by their well priced, but luxurious sounding products. I was given the opportunity to try a couple and I've been suitably impressed. Many of the products contain ingredients derived from the soapnut, a naturally 'soapy' fruit. I'd heard of soapnuts being used as a laundry detergent alternative, but never in skincare! But what can I say, it works. Soapnuts are actually a great foaming agent alternative for those with eczema and/or sensitive skin as it's very mild and 100% natural. It also occurred to me that all of these products would be wonderful going into the autumn with their spicy and warm scents.

My absolute favourite product that I was sent was the Coconut & Chai Spice Bathtub Tea*. I'd actually asked to be sent this one because anything involving chai gets my spidey senses tingling. Coconut milk is also one of my favourite ingredients as I find it unbeatable at soothing the skin, especially for my eczema. The 'bathtub tea' is a gritty powder that you pour under a running bath. It doesn't completely dissolve, but it fills your bathroom with the most amazing spicy scent. Sometimes I can't help but to open the jar just to have a whiff. I've already used rather a lot of this and I have even decanted some for friends. I can definitely see myself repurchasing this next winter when I'm looking for something that bit interesting to add to my pamper sessions. 

I was also sent the Cardamom & Lavender Organic Sugar Softening Body Scrub*, which is, as it sounds, a sugar-based body scrub with a very light and non-offensive scent. This scrub definitely leaves a film on the skin (due to its thick base of castor), which although something I don't usually enjoy, is pleasant in the cooler months due to the fact that you don't really need to moisturise afterwards. My only issue was that the packaging leaks very easily - as you can tell from the picture above. This isn't the biggest issue as I tend to keep my scrubs standing in a cupboard, but I have had to clean up a few messes when it has fallen over or I haven't put it down carefully enough.

Finally, I tried the Rose Soapnut Soap*. To be honest, I don't really have much to say about this. It's a lovely, basic soap and thankfully, the rose scent isn't too strong. It lathers up well and leaves the skin really clean and smooth. I think it's a good size too as sometimes I can get a bit bored of a scent when I'm trying to use up a particularly large bar of soap. I have a lot of soap bars to use up at the moment but I do think I'd consider repurchasing as overall, this brand is just really brilliant value for money. In fact, everything I have spoken about in this post is £10 or under, which is amazing for a brand using 100% natural, vegan, and organic ingredients. 

Have you tried anything from Living Naturally?