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First Impressions: Pacifica Makeup

On a recent trip to Wholefoods with Tammy, Amber and Liz, I finally made the decision to try some of Pacifica's well-established makeup range. I'm a big fan of Pacifica's Island Vanilla scent, but I've never taken the plunge and tried any of their colour cosmetics.

I decided to pick up their Waterproof Eye Pencil in Fringe and their Devocean Lipstick in Natural Mystic. The eyeliner is a standard neutral brown shade (something I've needed for a while); the colour is nothing special so I didn't bother swatching it. However, its formula is great - it's smooth, just soft enough to smudge, and just long-wearing enough for use on the waterline. I've never actually owned a brown eyeliner and I've really been enjoying this smokey edition to my makeup bag.

The Devocean Lipstick in Natural Mystic is a beautiful brown-pink nude. In the store, I had made a comment that it looked quite similar to Dress You Up by Ilia. However, upon further inspection, it is 100% unique and a great shade for the current winter/spring transition. I have quite pale lips so it does add a lot of colour for me, but for others, this would be a great YLBB shade. It's beautiful on its own but I REALLY like it over Red Apple's Barely Pink lipliner (more on that later). The formula is lovely: super moisturising but matte enough to stay put throughout the day. My only issue is that the scent is quite strong; something that will definitely put some people off. 

I've been super impressed with the Pacifica makeup I've tried so far - what do I need to try next?