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My Experience with Dyshidrosis/Dyshidrotic Eczema

Today I wanted to do a post focusing on my experience with dyshidrosis. Dyshidrosis - otherwise known as dyshidrotic eczema - is a skin condition that often affects the hands or sometimes the sides and soles of the feet. Affected skin can have small itchy blisters which when burst, cause weeping, acute pain, scaling, and even itchier skin.  I thought I would avoid any gross images of my affliction so here; have a lovely row of trees from my summer Berlin trip (you can Google if you REALLY want to!).

I get dyshidrosis primarily on the sides and sole of my left foot, however, it can sometimes also appear on the sides of my fingers. I have no idea what causes my eczema, but I do know that it is heavily influenced by weather, stress, and sulphates. In fact, warm summer weather can make my eczema so bad that it becomes quite painful to walk. I also have to completely avoid SLS and the like because it almost instantly brings up blisters on my hands.

This year, I was told by my doctor that I wasn't allowed to wear closed in shoes whatsoever and therefore, I was forced to get my eczema out for the world. I've always been extremely conscious of my feet because of this, so this summer, I was determined to treat it right once and for all.

My eczema was misdiagnosed for a number of years and so many applications of over-the-counter and prescription treatments have left my skin weak, patchy, and extremely sensitive. This means that the normal steroid prescriptions for eczema have been doing more harm than good as my skin is already compromised. Therefore, I have been on the hunt for natural, vegan products that are going to soothe and treat my horrible blistering. So far, I haven't had much luck. Don't get me round, I've found plenty of lovely balms and such that are perfect for hydration, but I am yet to find something that actually helps the blisters. Shoutouts for hydration include the MuLondon White Choc cream and the OliElla Multi-Action Moisturiser

If I am honest, this post is kind of a plea for help. I would really love it if any fellow eczema sufferers could through some product suggestions at me. Either in the comments below, by email, or through my Twitter (@KatieVibes).

Thanks! :)