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Vegan in Amsterdam: Bagels and Beans

Sorry that this post is so late! I was having a nice relaxing Easter holiday and then all of a sudden, the final weeks of university kicked in and I drowned. Fortunately, I am now all wrapped up until my exams so normal blogging can resume (whatever that is).

During our lovely trip to Amsterdam, Rhys and I made several trips to a quaint little cafe called Bagels & Beans - which is actually a chain in the Netherlands. Here you can buy bagels galore (with many vegetarian/vegan options), as well as some rather delicious beverages such as smoothies, coffees, and my favourite, matcha soy lattes.

I was a little worried in the run up to our Amsterdam trip as the vegan options don't seem to be up to par with those of my heart's home, Berlin. And, unfortunately, our one trip to a specifically vegan establishment didn't go so well.  Therefore, we were so happy to find a Bagels & Beans just a few minutes walk from our hotel and we happily spent both a brunch and lunch there over the course of our trip. I tried three different bagels during our visits: the avocado bagel (with hummus instead of cream cheese), the hummus bagel, and the veggie chicken bagel (made with 'chicken' from The Vegetarische Slager - a meat-free deli). Pictured above is also Rhys's favourite of the trip, the mushroom burger, which is unfortunately only vegetarian. All of the bagels were absolutely divine and surprisingly large and filling considering they were only between 6-9 euro. Amsterdam is a particularly expensive city and so this was great value. The matcha soy latte was also absolutely delicious and prompted me to buy some matcha powder upon returning home. I went for the Pure Chimp brand and It's official, I'm obsessed.

I definitely recommend that vegetarians and vegans alike give Bagels & Beans a go and I will definitely be back if I'm ever lucky enough to return to Amsterdam.