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Recent Empties #7

Yay, back round to my favourite kind of posts. My last empties post was only in January so I am actually really happy with what I have managed to use up since then. Especially seeing so I've used up two more products since taking this photo, which you shall see in the next instalment. This post is also featuring one of the beautiful ABW shopping bags which are my bags of choice when it comes to empties! A slightly prettier way to keep hold of your beauty trash...

Beauty Without Cruelty Super Cover Cream Concealer Pencil in Fair
My absolute favourite concealer. Weirdly, it hasn't really featured much on the blog since I first bought it but I shall keep repurchasing this until I come across something which I like more (which isn't likely). Repurchase? 100x over.

PHB Ethical Beauty All-in-One Mascara in Black
This was my mascara of choice until Zuzu Luxe came into my life (review soon). I was willing to take a chance with this formula even though it contains phenoxyethanol and while I enjoy it, Zuzu Luxe's option is around the same price and comes without the controversial preservative. Repurchase? Maybe, if Zuzu Luxe vanishes from the UK again. 

Sarakan Toothpaste
Just a basic natural toothpaste that you can pick up from Holland & Barrett. I buy either this or Aloe Dent, depending on any offers at the time. I don't really have any strong feelings about toothpaste. Repurchase? Probably, but I do slightly prefer Aloe Dent. 

PHB Ethical Beauty Hydrating Facial Tonic*
This was a lovely toner despite my unfortunate broken packaging which leaked incessantly. It has a wonderful ylang ylang scent and was really pleasant to use. Repurchase? Maybe.

Eden Perfumes No. 72
This is my new favourite natural perfume. Eden Perfumes are great as they create scents inspired by high street brands that are alcohol-free and a fraction of the price. No. 72 is inspired by Black XS by Paco Rabanne. Which, although cruelty-free (I think), tends to bring me out in hives. This alternative is perfect. Repurchase? Already have.

Suti Rejuvenate Organic Face Oil*
I LOVED this oil. I had this sample sitting around in a drawer for ages and I am kicking myself that I didn't try it sooner. It's super nourishing without being heavy and perfect for colder weathers. Repurchase? Definitely shall, but in the autumn/winter.

Myroo Starflower & Orange Blossom Skin Boost Facial Serum*
Another one of my favourite oils! This one is perfect for daytime and under makeup and is definitely light enough for use in the summer. Unfortunately I still have quite the collection of facial oils to use up but I will definitely come back to this one. Check out my full review here. Repurchase? Yes.

Zoya Armor Top Coat
This was okay. Again, I don't tend to have too strong feelings on stuff like this. Repurchase? Probably, because I actually need a new top coat and haven't purchased one since this ran out...

The Body Deli Vital C Serum*
I love brightening serums (especially ones that contain vit c) and this performed just as well as my number one fave, the Andalou turmeric serum. This one works slightly differently in that it's much more suitable for daytime and under makeup as it has a silkier finish. It is however quite a bit more expensive so for now I shall keep to the Andalou. Repurchase? Not soon, but maybe in the future.

Acorelle Perfume
I didn't like this at all. The scent is cheap and sickly. I don't even remember what it's called! I'm not even sure if it is still available. It was a free gift with a Vegan Life mag subscription Repurchase? Never.

First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads
I really enjoy these and although they're not necessarily 'natural', the ingredients aren't bad and they're really effective. I loved these for reducing acne scarring after a particularly bad breakout over Christmas. They're super easy to use and although expensive, definitely worth it. Repurchase? Yes, when the need arises.

What have you been using up recently?

New In: Vedani Botanicals, First Aid Beauty, B. Brushes

Yay, I love Recent Buys posts. Mainly because it's an excuse to go shopping just so I can show you lovelies everything that I have bought. I haven't actually been buying that much beauty stuff but this month I may have gone a bit of crazy. Hint: this may be the first post of many.

Vedani Botanicals No. 21 Light Cleanser
After a desperate call for recommendations on Twitter, the lovely Annabel come to my aid with some suggestions for my incredibly unhappy and congested skin. And guess what? This cleanser has LITERALLY changed my life. I've only been using it for just under a week but I am seriously impressed. It's an oil cleanser with a divine texture and scent. I just two pumps all over a dry face and then remove with one of the Vedani bamboo cloths. I'm left with beautifully clean skin that is plump, soft, and glowing.

First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads
I know what you're thinking... that's not natural! However, my dear reader - the ingredients are actually really good and these bad boys have been doing some serious good work for my skin. This was my second suggestion from Annabel and damn... that girl is good. My skin is the absolute best it has looked for at least the last six months. These glycolic acid pads have been doing wonders for my lingering acne scars. The last step on my skin overhaul is my pesky comedones. But seriously... I've got something for that already. Keep an eye on the blog. I'll also be doing a post soon on why I'm making small (and well-thought out) exceptions when it comes to ingredients.

B. Blush/Contour Brush and Eye Shadow Blending Brush
For those who don't know, B. is Superdrug's own vegan and cruelty-free beauty brand. They recently released a new line of makeup brushes and these two are serious stand outs. They're both perfectly angled for blending - whether that be for eyeshadow or for contour. I actually think the Blush/Contour brush may be my new favourite; it's bloody fantastic. They're pretty cheap and I believe they're still on Buy 1 Get 1 Half Price. 

What have you been buying lately?