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Friday Reads 09/10 (The Super Late Edition!)

And it's time for another Friday Reads! On a Sunday... someone get their blog schedule muddled and so this is going up a little bit late. This weekend my reading has consisted of mainly trying to get up to date with university readings. Here's what I'll be having a crack at:

The Life and Death of Harriett Frean - May Sinclair
This is for my Modernism module and it's a bit of a weird one. It follows Harriett, a Victorian woman 'who is so scared of life that she will eventually talk herself out of living it'. It doesn't sound particularly cheery, but as Sinclair's last remaining novel in print, it could be an interesting read. I also find it particularly interesting as it's a modernist novel looking back on a time that Modernism supposedly rejects. 

Antony and Cleopatra - William Shakespeare
So there was going to be some Shakey at some point. I've never read Antony and Cleopatra and I really quite excited about it. It's one of Shakespeare's tragedies and it has some very intriguing theories and research attached to it. I'm also a big fan of the historical element, being the Classical History enthusiast that I am. This is for my Renaissance module. 

The Coquette - Hannah Webster Foster
Finally, something that is a bit unknown. The Coquette is an early American epistolary novel from 1797. It was originally published anonymously, finally revealed to be by Webster Foster in 1856. A best-selling novel of its time, it's a fictionalised account of a socialite's untimely death after giving birth to a still-born. Again, not the happiest of reads, but something that sounds intriguing all the same. I'm really excited about my early American module and this is one of my most anticipated assigned readings. 

What are you reading this weekend? Give me recs!