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Introducing | Wearth London Ethical Department Store
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"We partner with British brands who fit our ethos of promoting sustainable and ethical shopping in the UK. Our aim is to create a bustling online community where people can find brands which align with their values, whilst creating a platform for small independent companies to grow."
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A big thank you to Wearth London for sponsoring this post. I recieved this product to review, but all opinions are my own.

Today I'm sharing something with you that I'm very excited about. Wearth London is a new ethical online department store offering beauty, home, and other categories of products that are all ethical, vegan, and sustainable. Wearth London champions independent brands and offers eco-conscious consumers access to these brands all in one place. Brands are chosen with ethics and sustainability in mind, with all options being vegan-friendly and zero-waste in direction. Their strict ethos of glass packaging, cruelty-free ingredients, and transparent production mean that you can easily shop and be sure that everything aligns with your own ethical priorities. 

After a browse of their website, I treated myself to these beautiful earrings from Smoke and Ash. Sarah of Smoke and Ash is an Essex-based jewellery-maker (yay local), and the majority of her pieces are made from recycled silver. In addition to this, her business cards are made from recycled t-shirts, she donates to the Marine Conservation Society, and each pieces comes with this wonderful reusable cotton bag for safe-keeping. The earrings are excellent quality and look so lovely when they catch the light. I have been wearing them non-stop since I recieved them. It sounds silly, but I also love that the hooks are flat rather than round... it's the little things. 

Shipping through Wearth London was quick and I was generally very happy with the buying process. I'd be lying if I said I didn't have my eye on a few of their other offerings like these stacking rings also from Smoke and Ash; these soaps from Soap Daze; and this beautiful ceramic expresso cup from Nina+Co. 


I decided to ask Edward of Wearth London a few questions so we could get to know them a little better...

Introduce us to Wearth London.
Wearth is a sustainable and ethical online department store selling products from a range of independent UK brands which make high-quality stylish products whilst taking the environment seriously and being ethically minded. We launched at the end of October with 20 brands and now we have over 30, from natural skincare to reclaimed furniture. What I think sets us apart is our transparency and our aim to keep our customers informed. For example, we try and keep the amount of plastic sold to an absolute minimum and you can see exactly what packaging has been used for the product itself and the delivery. We also have a range of visual tags (e.g. handmade, plastic-free, made in the UK) making it easier for people to quickly see the main values of each product. We have also created a new innovative way of shopping where you can the discover products which have these certain values by using our shop by values page.

What was the inspiration behind starting your own online department store?
The idea for Wearth came about around a year ago when we were both still students (Imogen is still finishing her degree at Manchester). We felt firstly that retailers could do more to reduce their impact on the environment and the more we learnt about how plastic was destroying eco-systems and killing animals the more we felt we needed to do something. At the same time, we also could see lots of exciting new brands coming out which genuinely cared about their impact but often it was difficult to find them without really searching hard on the internet or social media. This is where we decided that there was a need for an online department store which brought all of these brands together, making it easier for people to find brands which have aligned values with theirs, be it being zero waste or made in the UK.

How would you describe your ethical ethos?
Our ethical ethos in general is being exploitation-free. This means that we try and ensure that the products we sell do not exploit the planet, factory workers or animals. In each of our departments we have certain criteria to help adhere to this ethos. For example, for our natural beauty department we have carefully selected brands which make their products in small batches in the UK with all natural vegan-friendly ingredients and that they also use glass packaging. Likewise, our jewellery is all handmade by small independent jewellery designers who use recycled silver, reducing the demand for newly-mined silver which has a devastating impact on the environment.

Why is offering vegan products important to Wearth?
Having all of our products vegan-friendly is something which was very important to us right from the start. Imogen has been a vegan for over 2 years and she felt that it was difficult to find products which not only aligned with her aim to live more zero waste but also were vegan. I have been vegetarian for over a year now and we both wanted to create an online store where people could shop with confidence knowing no harm was caused to animals. As the animal agriculture is also one of the leading causes of devastation via pollution, climate change and deforestation, we also wanted to ensure we weren't supporting these industries in any way. 

If you see anything you like, you can 10% off your first order by signing up to the Wearth London newsletter!


Intro to: Savon Stories

Savon Stories are no doubt one of the most interesting brands that I came across during my travels around the Love Natural Love Organic/Allergy & Free From show this year. I was really impressed by their ethos, their packaging, and everything about their wonderful products. Savon Stories' speciality is traditionally-made and 100% organic castile soaps in both solid and liquid form. I was lucky enough to have a nice long chat with the founding family and I was amazed to hear that the brand is inspired by the founder's grandfather who lived to 115! He headed the family's century-old organic farm and eat fresh, raw, organic food in small portions. The family sum up the grandfather's ethos in the words "raw minimalism" and this is definitely translated in to the brand's products, explaining why Savon Stories consider high-quality raw organic ingredients to be of the upmost importance. Natural essential oils are added to a cocktail of nourishing base oils (virgin olive oil, coconut, castor, and hempseed), creating a delicious castile soap concoction. 

Funnily enough, my first encounter with the brand was actually in the show's pop-up toilets! A variety of soaps were available at the sinks and I was immediately attracted to the soap by it's truly beautiful packaging and lovely scents. And - thankfully - after testing the soap, I was astounded to find that my hands were super soft and moisturised! I often find that soap (and even natural soap) can leave my hands feeling really dry and tight. Obviously this can often be fixed by slapping on some hand cream but unfortunately, even this cannot undo the damage that drying soaps can do to my hands that are, like my feet, very prone to dyshidrotic eczema. These flare-ups can stick around for weeks at a time so I prefer to avoid all possible catalysts! So to sum up: their soaps are cold press organic, raw, vegan, palm-free, AND highly moisturising... Awesome!

I was lucky enough to be gifted a 300ml bottle of their Lime and Bergamot liquid soap* and I have been enjoying it so much. Although my Mum still uses regular soap around the house, I often have a natural bottle on the side for myself and Savon Stories has got to be the top contender out of all the liquid soaps I have tried so far. Lime and Bergamot is the perfect scent for me and I always find myself sniffing my hands after washing. The ingredients are brilliant (see below) and their liquid soap was even a finalist in the Natural and Organic Awards 2015 'Best New Natural Beauty & Spa Product' category. So, if you're looking for a new soap to try, please check out Savon Stories. They also offer natural shower accessories and now even a shampoo bar so they're definitely a brand to keep high on your radar.

Ingredients for the Bergamot and Lime liquid soap: spring water (aqua); organic extra virgin olive oil (sodium olivate); organic coconut oil glycerine; organic coconut oil (sodium cocoate); organic castor oil (sodium castorate); organic hempseed oil (cannabis satvia); organic essential oils of: lime & bergamot (citrus latifolia & citrus bergamia - naturally occurring citral, geraniol, limonene & linalool); natural fruit (citric) acid; wheatgerm vitamin E (tocopherol).





Intro to: Marmozel Skincare

This review has been such a long time coming! I've been enjoying this brand for a while and I'm finally ready to put my thoughts in to words. A good couple months ago, I was contacting by the lovely Rimante from Marmozel and asked if I wanted to try a couple of their products. I took a gander at their website - was thoroughly impressed - and so was quick to jump on the chance to test a few out. I'd like to note also, that Rimante was super friendly throughout the entire process and you could actually tell that she had read my blog a little before emailing me, which is something that I REALLY appreciate when it comes to being approached by PRs. 

As a whole, Marmozel is near-enough vegan-friendly (apart from the beeswax in their lip balms), and all their products are made in Lithuania with certified organic ingredients. You can order for delivery to the UK through their website or I did actually notice that there is a reflexologist in the UK that uses their products and there is contact details for them if you were interested. I was sent five products to try, but today I wanted to focus on the three products that have really gone above and beyond in terms of performance.

Hair Mask*

If we're being completely honest, I haven't really used a hair mask at all since going natural. However, recently I've been experiencing some problems with a super dry scalp so this product has been well appreciated. One of the first things that I noticed about this hair mask is that it smells AMAZING - a true lavender and rosemary scent. It's lovely and thick but easy to spread throughout out your hair due to the coconut oil base that melts in to a luxurious oil. I did find myself quite skeptical about the 60ml product size, but I'm glad to report that there was no need for concern as I have safely got four uses out of this little tub, with still at least half of it left. It's been doing absolute wonders for my dry scalp and I love to sleep with this on before washing off in the morning. The scent lingers on the hair and everything feels just so soft and nourished. I would definitely consider repurchasing this product when it eventually runs out.

Floral Face Toner*

I've always been massively in to toners - but never really that much in to floral waters. Here's where things change. This toner is super simple in it's ingredients: using only rose damask and jasmine floral waters, and it's just what my skin has been needing lately. It's perfect to spritz on the skin before applying facial oils and this ritual really helps improve the efficacy of your oils. It did take me a while to get used to the strong rose scent (something that I've never been that keen on), but I'm definitely a floral water convert and already have a couple lined up in my arsenal to try next. 

Very Natural Perfume*

Marmozel also carry a selection of handmade perfume oils and I was lucky enough to try the scent named 'Very'. With a jojoba oil base, this perfume uses notes of bergamot, vetiver, black pepper, and rosemary. It smells absolute divine and the scent does seem to linger for a couple hours after application. I like carrying this around in my handbag as an emergency scent, in addition to a little aromatherapy rollerball when it's needed.

Have you tried anything from Marmozel? Let me know!

Intro to: PHB Ethical Beauty

A couple months ago, I made my first ever order with PHB Ethical Beauty. They've been on my radar for a while but I finally took the plunge when they had 20% off one weekend. I really wanted to try their mascara as a possible replacement for my previous HG, the Lily Lolo Mascara. If you want to find out why I'm no longer using Lily Lolo, check out my review here.

PHB Ethical Beauty is a wonderfully ethical company. All their products are vegan-friendly, halal, and natural. They're a family-run business and they were founded by Rose Brown, who is a vegan herself. They are certified cruelty-free and are also certified by the Vegan Society. I ordered myself the eye gel, mascara, and lip pencil during their deal but PHB were super lovely and sent me the Hydrating Toner as a small gift. Today I'd like to share with you just my first thoughts and impressions of the products. Then in a few weeks I plan on doing a full review of at least the mascara.

Hydrating Facial Tonic

This toner is just so simple and that is exactly why I love it. It has a light scent of ylang-ylang (my favourite) and feels so dang soothing when sprayed on to the skin. The spray function is really effective (a massive plus), and I love using this to dampen my face before applying any facial oils. It's alcohol and oil-free and at £12.50 for 100ml, it is really good value for a high quality floral water.

Brightening Eye Treatment

I haven't been able to test this too much yet but I can report that it feels lovely and cooling on the eyes. It's a very light clear gel and you only need the smallest amount to bust those dark circles. I have noticed however that this isn't something that you can just slap on at the last moment. It really needs to go under your facial oil/moisturiser otherwise you can be left with slightly dry eyes after waking the next day. When I remember to use it, I really am rather impressed. I've never got on with heavier eye creams (due to being milia-prone), so I really can appreciate this lighter gel formula.

Black All-In-One Mascara

PHB's mascara had been on my radar pretty much ever since I first started looking for a natural and vegan mascara. I first came across them on the European beauty site, Ecco Verde. Only one thing had held me back from trying it and that was the fact that it does contain phenoxyethanol, a preservative which has been known to irritate dermatitis. This is an ingredient that I usually try to avoid but after being disappointed by Lily Lolo I thought that I would just bite the bullet and give it a go. After all, I don't tend to smear mascara all over my hands... I don't actually wear mascara that often but when I have used it, I've been really impressed. The effect is very similar to the Lily Lolo, the only difference being that the PHB mascara has a slightly wetter formula and can smudge during application. Luckily after drying, it doesn't seem to budge. I'm excited to give this a more in-depth test and will report back.

Organic Lip Liner in Dusky Pink

Unfortunately, I was a little disappointed with this lip liner. The formula feels lovely and lasts well however, the colour just really isn't for me. The name evokes thoughts of a YLBB shade but it seems to be more of a metallic red which is something that just really doesn't work with my skin tone or any of my other lip products. I also think that the website swatches are a little misleading in this case. I really hope that they bring out some more shades as I really like the formula! 

Have you tried PHB Ethical Beauty before?