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Review: Botanicals Lavender Botanical Water (and how to use it!)

You cannot deny - floral waters are bloody brilliant. They are generally purer than most traditional 'toners', and they are just so versatile. Recently, I've been trialling the

Botanicals Lavender Botanical Water*

and here are some of my favourite ways to use it:

As a toner... obviously.

Okay, so this is probably a given - but floral waters really do make great toners. This Botanicals one in particular has brilliant ingredients (at the bottom of this post), and still feels like it's doing something. The lavender is both moisturising and soothing for slightly angry acneic skin. Sometimes I use this after a more exfoliating toner, and sometimes I use it on it's own. Works great either way.

To increase the efficacy of oils.

A great way to get the most out of your favourite facial oil is to first spritz the skin with a good helping of floral water. The extra moisture will increase slip and make the oil go further, making sure that every bit of your face is nourished. 

As a cooling facial spritz.

Again, probably an obviously one but floral waters are great for cooling down in this hot(?) weather we've been having lately. I like to carry my Botanicals one around with me as the packaging is small, compact, and secure enough for a handbag.

For setting makeup.

Floral waters are also brilliant as natural makeup setting sprays. The light distilled (spring in the case of Botanicals), water is great to smooth out any cakey-ness and hide any dryness that may have been exacerbated my makeup application. I find that my makeup lasts a lot longer if I finish with a couple sprays of floral water.

For your hair.

Bit of a funny one, but I also like to spritz my hair a little before blow-drying. I find that it helps to tame frizz and also makes my hair smell rather lovely, especially after it's regular ACV rinse!

If you're already a fan or if you're new to the world of floral waters, I highly suggest that you give Botanicals a go as their products are simple, organic, and super reasonably priced. You can get it here.


Aqua, lavandula angustifolia (lavender) flower oil*, geraniol**, linalool**, limonene**. (Certified organic ingredients. **Natural constituents of essential oil.)

Have you tried any Botanicals products? Or do you LOVE floral waters like me?