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Orange Lips for Pale Chicks - Lippy Girl Review

I've only recently got in to bold lip colours. I'm not a red person as I prefer deep fushias and purples. Recently however, I've been experimenting with orange shades. Oranges tend to be hard to work with when you're as pale as me but good news guys... I've found the one. 

Son of a Brick* - from Canadian makeup brand, Lippy Girl - is a beautiful deep, burnt orange. It may look a little intimidating in the bullet (and swatched on the hand), but when layered over a little lip balm on the lips, it's a definite winner.

I'll start by admitting that my first foray in to Lippy Girl wasn't the best. I was originally sent the shade Abraca-BAM, but unfortunately, something was a little off with the formula and I found it to be dry, dragging and very patchy. Son of a Brick however is a big step up and I find it to be smooth and deliciously opaque in but a couple swipes. It took a few experiments for me to make this very unique shade wearable but as mentioned above, it works wonderfully when layered over lip balm. The burnt colour is paled out a little, making it perfect for my light complexion. This method also thankfully leaves your lips feeling moisturised without forfeiting any staying power. It lasts a good six hours and it also seems to behave when it comes to eating and drinking. I'm finding that I'm reaching for this shade more and more as we move in to spring, and I love to wear it with bare eyes and just a touch of peachy red blush.

The ingredients are also super impressive being 100% vegan and dye-free. It can be hard to find interesting lipstick shades without the addition of synthetic dyes but Lippy Girl seem to be doing a brilliant job bridging the gap. I also really enjoy the sleek black metal packaging, however, mine seems to have got damaged in my bag and now makes a strange rattling noise...

I will definitely be trying some more shades from Lippy Girl in the future (namely, Boss Lady) and you can take a gander yourself at Botanical Brands, where they retail for an affordable £12.50.