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Alternative Winter Nail Polish Picks

When I think about the nail polishes that I have been reaching for recently, it seems I've been going for slightly non-conventional choices considering it is now winter. I've also been trying a few new brands to me and I'm quite impressed! Here's what I've been reaching for:

Nailberry Blueberry*
Look at this packaging! Something about Nailberry as a brand absolutely screams luxe. But unfortunately, this luxury is definitely reflected in the price of their polishes. So, when I was given the chance to try them through the LoveLula blogger programme, I was quick to jump on it. I chose the shade Blueberry which is a really lovely royal purple creme shade. It applies really beautifully and I can't help but feel a little fancy when I use it.

Little Ondine Karma
I only own a couple polishes from Little Ondine but they are not that new to me. I bought this last year and I have done a full review on this particular shade in the past. Karma is a really lovely teal shade that is super flattering on the nails. I really enjoy the formula of this shade (as long as it is used with the dedicated base/top coat), but I have experienced some inconsistency within the brand so I cannot speak for the performance of other shades. Little Ondine have a really innovative formulation so I would like to think their other shades work just as well as this one!

Maggie Anne Jasper*
Maggie Anne is another new to be brand, who offer 6-free gel effect nail polish in a variety of beautiful colours. I've been testing out these two shades and the gel effect top coat and loving all of them. Jasper has probably been my favourite; a slightly mauve nude shade. Totally unconventional for winter, but super pretty and professional-looking for work. I'm addicted to wearing this and I've just decided while writing this that I'm going to be applying it next!

Maggie Anne Pearl*
You can't really beat a plain black nail polish and I haven't owned one in years! This colour definitely looks more chic on long nails but the high-shine gel effect definitely helps with it looking a little more grown up than the black polish we wore to school. Just like Jasper, I really like the formula of this and I especially enjoy the size and shape of the brush. It totally reminds me of the Essie brush, something that I really used to get along with. I'm excited to possibly try some more shades from Maggie Anne in the future!


Little Ondine 'Karma' Water-Based Nail Polish

I've been seeing Little Ondine floating around the blogs lately and this month, I finally took the plunge and purchased a wee bottle. I chose the shade 'Karma' which is a gorgeous teal that leans more towards the green side. Little Ondine polishes are really unique in the fact that they are water-based and peel-off. This reduces the amount of harmful chemicals that come in to contact with your nails as not only are the polishes healthy, but there's no need for another product when it comes to removal. The polish is made up of only natural resin, organic colourants, and water; but the quality is still brilliant.

I've been really impressed with the formulation of this polish. The colour is bright, vibrant, and shiny. Also, the first time I wore this polish, it stuck around for two days with only minimal tip wear - and this was without a top coat! I also liked how - if you got a little on your skin when applying - you could just peel it right off with no mess. I also applied it for the Gorgeously Green Gathering last weekend. Unfortunately it did peel a little this time but to be fair, I was partaking in lots of product testing and opening cans of fizz etc. Sarah mentioned during the weekend that she finds that the Little Ondine base and top coat ('Secret') completely fixes this issue so I'll definitely be looking in to purchasing that when I wish to invest in other colours. I already have my eye on 'Sweet Liquor' which looks like a great dupe for Essie's 'Sand Tropez'. I'm also incredibly excited about the prospect of fuss-free glitter polishes. Who knows... that investment may happen sooner rather than later!

Overall, I'm really intrigued by Little Ondine's originality in formula and colours. I really suggest you check them out and if you're interested, many of the shades are available with free delivery from LoveLula.