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My Current (and Perfect) Haircare Routine

There's nothing better than feeling really good about your haircare routine. Throughout my green journey, solidifying an effective haircare routine has been the biggest challenge. And now - over a year and a half in to my switch - I'm finally comfortable. 

My perfect haircare routine is made up of three important stages: shampoo, rinse, and hair mask. I don't use any other products on my hair whatsoever apart from heat protector and occasionally dry shampoo. And saying that, I haven't even been needing dry shampoo that often after switching to this particular shampoo.

The shampoo in question is the Odylique Tea Tree & Herb Shampoo. This product isn't at all new to me - I've seen it making the rounds - but it has taken me this long to finally try it. For the past year I had been using the Argan oil shampoo from Acure and I had three major qualms with it: it made my hair really knotty after washing, it did nothing for my dry scalp, and sometimes it could be hard to wash out. Well, the Odylique offering has solved all these problems! I've only been using it just over a week but my hair (and scalp) has never been happier. It did take me a while to get used to the thin, low-foaming consistency but this does not alter its efficacy whatsoever. I just take a couple pumps, massage in, leave for two mins, and rinse. Brilliant every time. My hair is super soft, my scalp is soothed, and most importantly, my hair is definitely clean. 

Despite the brilliance of my new shampoo, I still like to follow with an ACV rinse. This is one of my favourite discoveries since going green. It's such a simple step but it adds so much to your routine. Following your shampoo with an ACV rinse devours any product build-up and ensures that your hair is as shiny as it can be. It's also brilliant for frizz and now something that I cannot be without! I use Aspall's organic ACV from Holland and Barrett. 

Finally, my absolute favourite hair mask is the Marmozel Hair Mask*. I received this some good months ago and my miniature tub is still going strong! This wonderful little mask is coconut oil based and trumps all other masks that I have tried when it comes to restoring damaged hair. I like to use this after any extensive heat or sun exposure to minimise its effect. A little goes a long way and I love to slather this all over my scalp and then leave overnight. It instantly soothes any irritation and smells absolutely divine.

I have a feeling that my haircare routine won't change for a while as I am really happy with all of these products. Have you tried any of them? If so - what did you think?

Intro to: Marmozel Skincare

This review has been such a long time coming! I've been enjoying this brand for a while and I'm finally ready to put my thoughts in to words. A good couple months ago, I was contacting by the lovely Rimante from Marmozel and asked if I wanted to try a couple of their products. I took a gander at their website - was thoroughly impressed - and so was quick to jump on the chance to test a few out. I'd like to note also, that Rimante was super friendly throughout the entire process and you could actually tell that she had read my blog a little before emailing me, which is something that I REALLY appreciate when it comes to being approached by PRs. 

As a whole, Marmozel is near-enough vegan-friendly (apart from the beeswax in their lip balms), and all their products are made in Lithuania with certified organic ingredients. You can order for delivery to the UK through their website or I did actually notice that there is a reflexologist in the UK that uses their products and there is contact details for them if you were interested. I was sent five products to try, but today I wanted to focus on the three products that have really gone above and beyond in terms of performance.

Hair Mask*

If we're being completely honest, I haven't really used a hair mask at all since going natural. However, recently I've been experiencing some problems with a super dry scalp so this product has been well appreciated. One of the first things that I noticed about this hair mask is that it smells AMAZING - a true lavender and rosemary scent. It's lovely and thick but easy to spread throughout out your hair due to the coconut oil base that melts in to a luxurious oil. I did find myself quite skeptical about the 60ml product size, but I'm glad to report that there was no need for concern as I have safely got four uses out of this little tub, with still at least half of it left. It's been doing absolute wonders for my dry scalp and I love to sleep with this on before washing off in the morning. The scent lingers on the hair and everything feels just so soft and nourished. I would definitely consider repurchasing this product when it eventually runs out.

Floral Face Toner*

I've always been massively in to toners - but never really that much in to floral waters. Here's where things change. This toner is super simple in it's ingredients: using only rose damask and jasmine floral waters, and it's just what my skin has been needing lately. It's perfect to spritz on the skin before applying facial oils and this ritual really helps improve the efficacy of your oils. It did take me a while to get used to the strong rose scent (something that I've never been that keen on), but I'm definitely a floral water convert and already have a couple lined up in my arsenal to try next. 

Very Natural Perfume*

Marmozel also carry a selection of handmade perfume oils and I was lucky enough to try the scent named 'Very'. With a jojoba oil base, this perfume uses notes of bergamot, vetiver, black pepper, and rosemary. It smells absolute divine and the scent does seem to linger for a couple hours after application. I like carrying this around in my handbag as an emergency scent, in addition to a little aromatherapy rollerball when it's needed.

Have you tried anything from Marmozel? Let me know!