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5 Canadian & U.S. Green Beauty Brands You Need To Try

One of the things I love about following bloggers from different countries is learning about products I've never seen before. Katie has opened my eyes to brands like Mallow + White and Vedani Botanicals. Today I want to introduce you to some of my favourite Canadian and US green beauty brands.

Sattva Pure.
Sattva Pure has quickly become my favourite skincare brand. Their Dry + Sensitive line works wonders for my skin by reducing redness, irritation, dryness, and acne.

It's wonderful that they've created a vegan line that does hydrate while also harnessing the power of ingredients like white willow to reduce acne.

Leaves of Trees.
Leaves of Trees is a Toronto based self care line based on fair trade, sustainably sourced argan oil. Their oils are the best I've tried, and I've tried a lot. I also love their Facial Cleansing Oil for a very quick evening routine. They also offer soaps, masks, lotions, and scrubs.

Woodlot is one of my favourite places for quality candles, soaps, and Palo Santo. They offer a line of renewable coconut wax candles that smell heavenly, without any over the top fragrances.

Their soaps are my favourite, as they're natural and they don't strip your skin. They also sell Palo Santo, my favourite way to cleanse my space.

Meow Meow Tweet.
This vegan skin and body brand is made with simple ingredients and beautiful packaging. They've worked to ensure fair trade and ethically sourced ingredients, plastic free packaging, and beautiful formulas that are a dream to use.

My favourite is their Cocoa Skin Cream. Made with just four hydrating and nourishing ingredients, it's a treat for your face and body. They've also launched their deodorants in compostable packaging. How cool is that?

Acure Organics.
Acure was one of the first green beauty brands I discovered so it'll always have a special place in my beauty routine. Their products are made with incredible ingredients that work together to make really effective products.

Their Brightening Face Mask is one of my favourite masks, it's creamy and gentle but still really effective. Their Facial Cleansing Creme is another favourite. It was the first cream cleanser I tried and fell in love with. It's minty and refreshing, but also calming and soothing.

What Canadian or US green beauty brands have you had your eyes on?

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