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Fitness Notes and Update

1. I quit the gym and joined an online fitness programme. With the end of my undergraduate degree, came the end of my access to my university's brilliant gym. As much as I enjoy a good cardio session or fitness class, I'm not sure if I can afford a brick and mortar gym at the moment. Therefore I decided to try an online fitness programme in the form of Vegan Aesthetics, a programme run by vegan fitness youtuber, Stephanie Moir. 

2. So... I started lifting weights. This particular fitness programme is weight-training based and so this is something that I'm now trying to do regularly. Due to my lack of confidence (and gym membership) I've been sticking to bodyweight and adjustable dumbbell exercises at home but I'm hoping to move things to a gym in the future.

3. I resisted the excuse to consume. With an increase in exercise, comes an increased urge to shop for new workout clothing. Thankfully, I have resisted this urge and stuck to using pieces that I already own. While my fitness routine remains in its early days, I shall be keeping my workout wardrobe small and curated. My only possible wish list piece is a new pair of ethical workout leggings from Gossypium

4. I've been taking care of my body. As good as it is for your body and soul, exercise does constitute strain and so it is important to care for those moving muscles. Two awesome natural beauty products have been keeping me going through my little fitness spurt - a good muscle relaxing body oil and a refreshing toning mist. Everyone knows that I adore Botanicals and the Muscle Ease Body Oil* has been doing exactly what it says on the tin, easing my aching muscles. I've even managed to score a free massage with it from the boy a couple times! I'm definitely considering a full size of this when this sample size runs out. The Evolve Beauty Daily Defence Moisture Mist* is a new product and a welcome break from the heat and sweat of working out. I love spraying this over my face, body, yoga mat, basically everything after a good session. You really can't beat the feeling.

Have there been any changes in your fitness life? Can you reccommend me any amazing ethical/sustainable workout clothing brands?

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