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Review: Odylique Tea Tree & Herb Shampoo

So I thought that it was about time that I did a review for my absolute favourite, the Odylique Tea Tree & Herb Shampoo*. Now, this isn't the first time that this little gem has popped up on my blog - I seem to mention it constantly - but I've never actually set down and given it the word count that it deserves. 

I was first pushed to try Odylique's shampoo range by the lovely Sarah who is always singing their praises. At the time, I was still looking for a shampoo that effectively cleaned my oily hair, but without stripping my scalp that can be quite itchy and sensitive. She is a fan of the original Gentle Herb incarnation but I was drawn to this one due to the inclusion of tea tree. Tea tree is known to help with itchy reactive scalps and so I was eager to give it a go. And it did not disappoint.

I will say that it did take me a little time to get used to this shampoo due to its slightly odd formula. It's a very runny, almost gel-like consistency and so it's easy to use too much. It took me a good couple of uses to realise that less is more with this shampoo. You only need a small amount. It may not lather much but as long as you leave it to sit on the scalp (very important if yours is sensitive like mine), then you will have good results. The tea tree also adds a really satisfying scent to the shampoo. I know that some people find it a little medicinal but I find it very refreshing and almost comforting. Another kinda of 'out of the box' perk to this shampoo is that it's very good for mixing with other brands when you're trying to use something up. If I'm trying another shampoo that doesn't seem to work for me, adding just a pump of this makes it usable enough to empty the bottle. 

My only issue with this shampoo is that for me, it could be better value for money. It costs about £11/12 and considering the small size of the container (250ml), I seem to go through them quite quickly as I wash my hair every other day. Yes, in the grand scheme of things, it's not too expensive but I'm still getting used to spending more than about a fiver on shampoo! The normal Gentle Herb variety is available in a large deluxe size and I really wish that Odylique would extend that to this version or at least offer some kind of multi-buy deal. This is the only reason that I have begun to stray from the shampoo every now and then, but I can still safely say that it will take a lot for a product to beat the Odylique for me. I'm currently using some from Avalon Organics - that I do really like - but I do find that my scalp gets itchy a lot quicker than it does with the Odylique. It's definitely the best green shampoo that I have come across so far!

Recent Empties #8

Come on guys, do I really need an intro for these things anymore?

Odylique Tea Tree & Herb Shampoo
This will forever be in my empties. No explanation needed (but I will be doing a full review soon). I’m trying to hunt down a cheaper alternative but unfortunately, I think I’m coming to the conclusion that nothing else keeps my scalp as soothed and itch-free, without the need for an ACV rinse. Also, it smells AMAZING.

Green People Quinoa & Calendula Shower Gel*
Green People sent me this a while ago along with the deodorant from the same line. I have done a full review, but in short, I do enjoy this shower gel. It has a really fresh scent but if I’m honest, if I’m to spend this much on a shower gel, then I’m probably more likely to spend the money on something like Bodhi & Birch that lasts about five times as long.

Acure Organics Argan Oil
I bought this argan oil way back when I first started using green beauty; in my first ever iHerb order in fact. I bought it with my hair in mind but actually ended up using it as a straight body oil in a bid to use it up. I also used it on my eczema and my skin actually reacted really well to it. However, I don’t think I’ll be repurchasing as there are other basic oils (like Soil Association certified sunflower oil from eNaissance – love!) that are easier to get hold of and have a similar effect on my angry skin.

Hugo & Debra Naturals Grapefruit Himalayan Pink Salt Scrub
This was a really lovely basic scrub with decent ingredients, a decent price, and decent availability. I got this as a Christmas present from my boyfriend’s Dad who bought it from TK Maxx. The grapefruit was refreshing but not overpowering and the ‘scrubiness’ was just perfect. TK Maxx can actually be a bit of a gold mine for green beauty. I assume he picked it up just because he just saw the words ‘natural’ and ‘vegan’ but damn, he did well. Leave a comment below if you’d like to see a post on the kinds of brands you can pick up!

Herbfarmacy Pure Hydration Serum
I have done a full review on this. I absolutely loved this product the first time around when I received it as a PR sample and this was my repurchase. However, I do think my love has waned and I can no longer justify its price tag. These days I prefer to use something with a thinner consistency and a higher concentration of hyaluronic acid that can be mixed with other serums. I’m now really enjoying this offering from Evolve Beauty. The Herbfarmacy has more of a milky consistency and can pill when used with other products. If you prefer all your products to be organic certified then go for the Herbfarmacy (they are certified by the Soil Association – my certification of choice), but I do find the Evolve to be a lot more versatile.

Hynt Beauty Skin Prep Serum (sample)
I was sent the Hynt Beauty Skin Prep as a free sample when I ordered by Sweet Canyon Palette. It’s a really lovely makeup primer which gorgeous botanical ingredients like algae (it does also contain carageenan though which I need to look into). I’d really consider buying the full size of this, but cannot decide whether I’d be more suited for their SPF version, the Sun Prep. Maybe I’ll try a sample of the later before I make my decision as I’m thinking of making another order for their cult concealer to see my dark circles through the early university mornings this winter.

Harper's Bizarre Bizarre Zombielicious Candle
Harper's Bizarre is my absolute favourite indie vegan candle company. They make the most gorgeous scents and although they’re not all from essential oils, they don’t give me a headache (important) and they make me extremely happy. Zombielicious was another of their limited edition Halloween scents that I bought last year. And, as Halloween is again fast approaching, I’ll soon be stocking up when I see them at VegFest London and/or Cambridge Vegan Fair in October.

Schmidt's Bergamot & Lime Deodorant Stick
This deo has HG status. Full review here. I have repurchased put decided to try the Cedarwood & Juniper scent.

Vedani Botanicals No. 21 Cleanser
Another one of my favourite products that needs no explanation. Full review here (I swear I'm not doing this just to be lazy). I have loads of cleansing oils to use up at the moment but I will be repurchasing in the future.

Botanicals Mandarin & Chamomile Cleansing Melt*
This is a really gorgeous product but unfortunately it makes me a little nervous because of the coconut oil. My skin has reacted badly to coconut oil in the past and so I'm hesitant to try anything bigger than this sample jar. I did enjoy it though and definitely suggest you try it if you have more combo/dry skin.

What have you used up lately?

Recent Empties #5

Time for another empties! I promise that I have been trying to use things up but it seems that I am being less than successful...

Andalou Naturals Illuminating Clementine + C Toner
I'm a bit unsure about this one. Some weeks, I thought it worked; and others, not so much. All in all this is a lovely brightening toner with lactic acid - however, I'm not sure if I can vouch for its efficacy. Repurchase? Maybe.

Odylique Tea Tree and Herb Shampoo
I'm LOVING this new shampoo. I mentioned it in my updated haircare routine and I have been using it ever since. I really enjoy its tea tree/minty scent and it's working incredibly well in terms of keeping my hair clean and shiny. I also really enjoy the packaging which comes with a super handy pump mechanism. A lot less fiddly for the shower! Repurchase? Already have, twice.

Bodhi & Birch Mint Thé Shower Therapy*
I received this lovely shower gel a super long time ago (AKA last September) from the lovely Elijah. I'm still quite shocked at how long it has lasted. This has the most amazing scent (Rach will agree), and I'm definitely going to miss it in my routine. However, I am trying to reduce my use of liquid soaps and will now be moving to using up my bar soaps. Repurchase? Maybe - when all my soaps are gone.

Natural Wisdom Clarifying Gel Cleanser
I got this as part of my trial kit from Natural Wisdom. I've briefly mentioned some of my favourites from the trial kit but unfortunately, the cleanser was a little average. It isn't drying at all - which is fantastic - but sometimes I feel that it leaves a film on my skin. Not let this stop you from trying the brand though, their other products are brilliant! Repurchase? Probably not. Unsure whether it's available anymore.

Acure Organics Argan Oil Shampoo
I don't really think I need to explain this one anymore. I bought a bottle shortly after realising that shampoo bars weren't for me. I've thankfully found a much better replacement (see above), so this shampoo has become a little redundant. Repurchase? Nope.

My Current (and Perfect) Haircare Routine

There's nothing better than feeling really good about your haircare routine. Throughout my green journey, solidifying an effective haircare routine has been the biggest challenge. And now - over a year and a half in to my switch - I'm finally comfortable. 

My perfect haircare routine is made up of three important stages: shampoo, rinse, and hair mask. I don't use any other products on my hair whatsoever apart from heat protector and occasionally dry shampoo. And saying that, I haven't even been needing dry shampoo that often after switching to this particular shampoo.

The shampoo in question is the Odylique Tea Tree & Herb Shampoo. This product isn't at all new to me - I've seen it making the rounds - but it has taken me this long to finally try it. For the past year I had been using the Argan oil shampoo from Acure and I had three major qualms with it: it made my hair really knotty after washing, it did nothing for my dry scalp, and sometimes it could be hard to wash out. Well, the Odylique offering has solved all these problems! I've only been using it just over a week but my hair (and scalp) has never been happier. It did take me a while to get used to the thin, low-foaming consistency but this does not alter its efficacy whatsoever. I just take a couple pumps, massage in, leave for two mins, and rinse. Brilliant every time. My hair is super soft, my scalp is soothed, and most importantly, my hair is definitely clean. 

Despite the brilliance of my new shampoo, I still like to follow with an ACV rinse. This is one of my favourite discoveries since going green. It's such a simple step but it adds so much to your routine. Following your shampoo with an ACV rinse devours any product build-up and ensures that your hair is as shiny as it can be. It's also brilliant for frizz and now something that I cannot be without! I use Aspall's organic ACV from Holland and Barrett. 

Finally, my absolute favourite hair mask is the Marmozel Hair Mask*. I received this some good months ago and my miniature tub is still going strong! This wonderful little mask is coconut oil based and trumps all other masks that I have tried when it comes to restoring damaged hair. I like to use this after any extensive heat or sun exposure to minimise its effect. A little goes a long way and I love to slather this all over my scalp and then leave overnight. It instantly soothes any irritation and smells absolutely divine.

I have a feeling that my haircare routine won't change for a while as I am really happy with all of these products. Have you tried any of them? If so - what did you think?