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Super(food) Ingredients: Green People's Quinoa Range

Superfoods as ingredients in beauty products are nothing new, and the newest ingredient to spring up in our beauty cabinets is quinoa. Known as 'the one that is hard to pronounce', quinoa isn't actually a grain as you might assume; in fact it's in the same family as beets, chard, and spinach... WTF? Quinoa is super anti-inflammatory and omega-rich, making it a great choice for formulators. When used in beauty products, quinoa helps to bind moisture and create a protective barrier. Therefore, making it the perfect superfood ingredient for Green People's new Quinoa & Calendula Shower Gel* and Quinoa & Prebiotics Deodorant*, following on from the success of their quinoa haircare range.

I haven't tried any of their haircare, but after trying the new shower gel, I may need to. I've really been enjoying their new quinoa & calendula offering. The only other natural liquid shower gel I have tried comes from Bodhi & Birch so understandably, I have high standards. Unfortunately, the former comes with a hefty price tag and so it's nice to try something that is (a little) cheaper. Although I prefer to use solid soaps for washing my bod, they can be a little messy, and when you're in a rush, a liquid option is just preferable. The first thing that I noticed about the quinoa shower gel is the scent. It just smells so fresh and light; great for spring and the impending summer. This is just what I'm needing at the moment as I've starting working out regularly and so a shower gel that makes me feel really clean and fresh is essential. Of course, it doesn't foam as much as a conventional shower gel but that's a good thing - good evidence for it's lovely green ingredients. The formula feels super moisturising and luxurious, which is to be expected (and hoped) from a shower gel costing about £15. I told you that it was only a little cheaper! I've also found it to be suitable for my eczema so no itchy feet is a plus.

Green People also sent me the new quinoa deodorant. Unfortunately, I haven't given this one as much testing as I am just so damn hooked on my Schmidt's. When I have used it I have found it to be effective and long-lasting but I am not the biggest fan of the super wet formula. I don't like to have to flail my arms about to dry my armpits before getting dressed, and I have noticed that it almost melts off during exercise... not a good look. 

So, I may be sticking with my old faithful deodorant, but Green People's Quinoa & Calendula shower gel is a welcome addition to my shower routine. It's a great product from a well-respected and experienced green beauty brand, and so a good one to try if you're only just making the switch to green beauty.