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Review: Raw Gaia Organic Vegan Skincare

Long time no see! I'm gradually settling in to University and I thought it was about time to get a post up on my dear blog. Therefore, today, I've decided to talk to you about some truly beautiful products that I've recently received - and have been LOVING - from raw vegan skincare line, Raw Gaia.

If you haven't heard of Raw Gaia, they are an organic and vegan skincare line that was started by the wonderful Jessica Laura. All of Raw Gaia's products are made with raw ingredients such as cocoa butter, floral waters and the highest quality cold-pressed oils. One thing that I've noticed with this brand is that all of the products go an incredibly long way, which means that you're getting so much for your money! I was lucky enough to try two of their products and I am obsessed.

My favourite of the pair is theHemp Heaven Moisturiser*. This pure blend of cocoa butter, cold-pressed hemp oil, apricot oil and wheatgerm oil is doing wonders for my oily problem skin. I can slather on a thick layer before bed (that doesn't feel greasy!) and wake up the next day with positively glowing skin - no matter how many blemishes I seem to have. The intense boost of hydration just makes everything seem better and it's been heaven-sent during the awkward transition between summer and autumnal weathers. My skin can be very dehydrated and this balm has been ensuring that I'm only left with plump and happy skin that heals itself incredibly fast. I don't need to worry about acne scarring or painful spots when I'm using this on a nightly basis. It also works incredibly well with the Odacite boosters, and the duo has really been helping to balance my skin. The balm texture is refreshing for someone like me who has become used to more water-based offerings. I'll tell you, I'm converted.

The second product is the MSM Beauty Spray*. I haven't used this one quite as regularly as the Hemp Heaven moisturiser, but when I have used it - I've been impressed. This toning spray is something a little different (as explained in my previous post). It is essentially a floral hydrasol with the added benefits of argan oil, EOs, and MSM - a nutritional form of sulphur, known as the "beauty mineral". However, despite this arsenal of nourishing oils, the spray is anything but oily. Everything remains at a definite water-like texture which makes it easy to apply and easy to absorb. This is great as a toner, but also as a light moisturiser for extremely oily skins come summer.  

Raw Gaia have really captured by heart with these two products and I'm excited to hopefully try more in the future!