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Good Intentions for 2017
Earrings: Oh My Clumsy Heart

Earrings: Oh My Clumsy Heart

I didn't particularly want to do a resolutions post this year (because I am quite rubbish at them), but I did want to partially keep myself accountable for some 'intentions' for 2017. I've been eating vegan since 2013, using green beauty since 2014, and in 2017, I plan on finally making some changes to other areas of my life. 

Towards the end of 2016, I started going to the gym more and semi-regularly attending yoga classes. I want to keep this up in 2017. I am a member of my uni's gym (even though I live 40 mins away) because it means I can make the most of long breaks between classes - which can sometimes be up to four hours long. I also want to make a conscious effort to bring a reusable cup with me everyday as I hate to think how many non-recyclable coffee cups I have used over my time at university, let alone over the course of my life. I'm rather excited about my new 24Bottles thermo bottle that is suitable for both hot and cold drinks. It has such a beautiful design and the 500ml capacity is perfect for uni. I'm feeling very inspired by the 'zero-waste' movement and I'm also looking to make some other minor changes such as purchasing a reusable safety razor rather than relying on plastic (how exciting).

I'm also doing a bit of an overhaul with my wardrobe. From 2017 onwards, I am going to make a serious effort to buy largely second-hand and only buy from sustainable companies if buying clothing new. However, exceptions will probably be made for certain items (like shoes), as my budget can only stretch so much and they're items that get worn often. I've worn my current pair of black Chelsea boots nearly everyday for the last year and a half. I would definitely say that's more sustainable than buying five pairs of eco-friendly boots that I hardly wear. Second-hand, vintage, and charity shops have always been a passion of mine (I love spending hours browsing) so I'm actually delighted to get back into using them. In terms of sustainable companies, I've already purchased a few basics from the fabulous People Tree. They're a bit expensive full price but so far, everything I have has been bought on sale or via their Amazon shop that stocks additional sizes to what is available on their own website. I'm very excited for their S/S '17 collection - some of the pieces look right up my street. As you can see from the feature image, I've also purchased these beautiful earrings from one of my favourite jewellery companies, Oh My Clumsy Heart. I've been eyeing them for ages and Christmas was a great excuse to just treat myself! Sophie - the owner - totally aligns with me in terms of values and ethos so it's a brand I'm delighted to support.

What changes are you looking to make or what good intentions do you have for 2017?



5 Green Beauty Resolutions for the New Year

The new year is nearly here! New year's eve is tomorrow and it's a great time to be thinking about the little changes you'll be making for the new year--the new year is perfect for changing habits. Here's a couple changes you can make if you're new to the world of green beauty: 

1. Stop using cotton rounds - This one is probably the easiest. I don't really use cotton rounds anymore unless I need to remove nail polish (and even that can be avoided with a peel-off polish like Little Ondine). If you do need to use something like a cotton round, why not try a reusable kind (e.g. these from Love the Planet) or at least, switch to rounds made from organic cotton like these from Simply Gentle. You can even pick up organic cotton rounds on the high street from Boots.

2. Try a cleansing oil - I will tell you now, cleansing oils will change your life. They make it so easy and luxurious to cleanse and remove makeup. You can find cleansing oils for every skin type (even oily skin - trust me, it works) and using an oil totally reduces waste created by makeup wipes and the like. I like to apply to my face, massage in for a few minutes, then steam off my face with a nice warm flannel. The flannels can then be washed in the washing machine and used again - easy! I have combo/oily skin so my favourite cleansing oils include: Vedani Botanicals No. 21, Mallow & White Soothe*, and plain ole simple organic jojoba oil.

3. Go at least 3-free with your nail polish - This is also a pretty easy change. There is a good change that a few of your favourite nail polish brands are at least 3-free. My favourite cruelty free and at least 3-free brands include Zoya, Little Ondine, Maggie Anne, Butter London, and Nailberry.

4. Try a natural or DIY body scrub - You will be surprised at how many beauty products can be made from scratch - body scrub is a super easy one and can be made from ingredients such as sea salt, raw sugar, shea butter, and/or cold-pressed oils. I've never done a blog post on this but the lovely Sarah Price has done many. Check out her: Energising Himalayan Salt Scrub, Spiced Chai Scrub, and Green Tea Scrub.

5. Try a mineral powder foundation - Powder foundations can seem a bit intimidating, especially to those used to mainstream liquid varieties. However, they are absolutely brilliant for skins that are prone to oil and acne. My absolute favourite mineral powder foundation is from Alima Pure, and you're sure to find your shade due to their amazing shade range. The loose powder only has four ingredients, but offers great coverage and can be built up really easy. And, if loose isn't your thing, Alima have recently released a pressed version that I'm eager to try. You can even buy refills to reduce packaging! I use the shade Neutral 2 in the loose foundation, but shade names do differ between formulations. 

What little green beauty changes will you be making in 2017?

5 Ethical Wardrobe Resolutions for the New Year

So the New Year is a’coming and if you haven’t already started thinking about resolutions, why not give your wardrobe a makeover in 2017? Now I’m not talking about a complete overhaul but some little changes here and there can help your wardrobe to be a little more sustainable and green. I’ll definitely be following some of my own suggestions next year.

1.       Leggings – Leggings are a really easy thing to change when it comes to sustainability. If you wear them as often as I do, then it won’t take you much convincing to see why buying a more high quality, environmentally-friendly pair is the way to go. I’ve been eyeing this pair from Cossac. I was introduced to Cossac by the ladies over at Clean Cult and I’ve been lusting over a couple of their pieces, including these leggings. A major issue though is that they only come in one size (totally not cool). If you find yourself left out, other options include People Tree and Braintree. If these are a little too expensive for your taste then Sainsbury’s offer leggings made from Modal, a relatively environmentally-friendly fibre. It’s not anything to write home about (and doesn’t guarantee the sustainability of the manufacturing process) but it’s definitely a better alternative to Primark or Topshop.

2.       Jumpers – Looking at all of jumpers in my wardrobe (and there’s a lot), about 95% of them came from charity shops. Charity shops are still totally underrated and they are especially worthwhile for knitted garments like jumpers and cardigans. It’s easy to spot something of a highly quality and you can’t get more sustainable than buying second-hand. Many of my favourite jumpers come from charity shops and they still look as new as the day they were originally bought.

3.       Bags – For me, a sustainable bag – or any kind of bag – needs to be vegan. My favourite brand is Matt & Nat and I’ve had amazing experiences with both a purse and a backpack that I have from them. Both are still going strong a year or two after purchase and look relatively brand new. I have the Motiv SM purse in Chestnut (not available at the moment) and the Katherine bag in Black. Matt and Nat are often on sale on ASOS and I managed to pick up the purse for about £25. The bag was a gift bought at full price but it’s incredibly well made and I’m still really in love with it. All of their bags are made from super high quality vegan synthetic leather and the linings and/or canvas selections are made from recycled bottles.

4.       Pyjamas – This is a suggestion that I really need to take on myself. My pyjama collection is ridiculous and really needs editing. I’ve got my eye on some lovely People Tree organic cotton pyjamas; super soft and they come in a large range of colours and patterns. I'm very tempted by the grey star selections currently on sale. A more simple change would be ensuring that you repurpose old t-shirts for pyjamas and loungewear instead of buying dedicated sets. 

5.       Jewellery -  This seems like an odd one, but committing to only buying high quality, ethically-made jewellery can make a big difference, to the environment and to your bank balance. I no longer buy cheap costume jewellery and only invest money in well made pieces that are at least sterling silver. Less plastic = good for the environment, and it's nice to have a wardrobe category safe from dreaded impulse purchases. My absolute favourite brand for this purpose is Oh My Clumsy Heart. I only own one piece at the moment, but it's seen me through thick and thin and despite breaking four times (my fault entirely), I absolutely adore it. Sophie from OMCH has repaired it for me twice and I must get round to repairing it myself soon so I can start wearing it again. I have a horrible habit of trying to take my jumpers off without taking my glasses off first... Unfortunately you can no longer buy the necklace I have but I have my eye on some newer pieces: the Tiny Sterling Silver Studs, Sterling Silver Tube Necklace, and the Sterling Silver Circle Earrings.