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Harpers Bizarre Candles

Nothing screams autumn like a candle... am I right? And, of course you could escape that pun. Today, I'm talking about some delightful candles from Harper's Candles. They're seasonal (or as seasonal as Halloween can be anymore), smell delicious, and come with equally as delicious graphic packaging. 

I had tweeted the other week about wanting to try a new brand of vegan soy candles and Harper's was so enthusiastically recommended to me. After taking a quick look at the website, and being super impressed by their ethos and options, I was quick to order some candles. I opted for 'Scary Mary', 'Dirty Crow', and 'Zombielicious' - all from the Halloween-inspired collection. The collection also includes 'All Hallows Eve' but unfortunately, I could only afford three this time.

I have only tried 'Scary Mary' so far, but I'm really impressed with what you get for a simple £8. The candles are gorgeously packaged in a neat little tin with lovely & unique matching illustrations on the labels. The candles are double-wicked (which I've always preferred), and their scents are strong enough to be noticed, but not strong enough to over-power. 'Scary Mary' is actually quite a 'springy' smelling candle - very floral - but it also really seems to work for the colder months. 

I haven't tried the others yet but 'Dirty Crow' has really caught my eye (or nose?), with it's amazing scent. It's coined as a mulled wine candle and this is quite appropriate. It's scent is rich but fruity, and I absolutely cannot wait to burn it. 

I'm 100% going to make another order with Harper's - they have so many options and I've recently been coveting some of their 'Patisserie' scents. Harper's are Vegan Society approved and actively support dog sanctuaries which makes them extra awesome. They also have a running offer that allows you to buy 3 of their candles for £20 so they're definitely worth the click. Make sure you check them out.