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The Blogger Made Me Buy It Tag

I wasn't tagged to do this... I've just been seeing it around and really wanted to give it a go! Feel free to post one yourself and be sure to send me all your links so I can have a look! Note, I'm also going to be including youtube channels in 'blogs'.

Who are your most influential bloggers? Who are the ones that really rely on for reviews and swatches?
Influence-wise, basically everyone in the green blogging community. However, special mentions go to Annabel, Brianna and NMDL. All three who have influenced one of the above pictured. Review-wise, you can't beat Ana for in-depth reviews of so many wonderful brands.

Do you buy a product solely as a result from one review from your favourite bloggers, or do you look for more reviews from others?
Usually this depends on price. If one of my favourite bloggers is raving about a budget product, then I'll usually add it to the mental list. However, if anything is above £10 or a makeup item, then I'll definitely do a bit of research to find reviews with swatches or viewpoints from girls with a similar skin type to me. Of course, I always check out the ingredients for myself as well as green standards do very between the community.

What is your most favourite item that you have ever bought as a consequence of blogs?
Definitely the Acure Argan shampoo & conditioner that was purchased as a result of reading multiple positive reviews. I've already repurchased twice and I'm looking forward to autumn/winter when I can start using it again as I usually need something a little lighter in the summer. Also, the TANF Cream Blushes (care of Brianna) have been my favourite makeup purchase since going natural. The colour pictured above is Bubblegum but my favourite shade is definitely Dusky Rose.

What is your least favourite item that you have ever bought as a consequence of blogs?
Hm, now this one is hard. I can't actually think of too many! The only thing I can think of is the Thayers Rose & Witch Hazel Toner. Although I started out quite liking it, recently I've realised that it really doesn't do much for my skin. However, I've now stopped using it as a toner and I really enjoy using it as a mixing medium with powder masks. So I don't hate it really, in fact, I may even repurchase. It seems this question has turned out to be quite the failure!

Name 5 products that you have bought recently as a result of blogs?
May Lindstrom Clean Dirt, Inika Eyeshadow in Lightening, a konjac sponge, Andalou Naturals Illuminating Toner. Soz, I can only think of four.

Have you ever given in to blogger hype? If so, what hype?
The May Lindstrom hype of course. My bank balance hates me.

Is everything you buy based on blogger reviews or are there some items you buy without checking out a review?
A lot of my favourite products are actually items that I've bought on a whim, without reading any reviews or sometimes even without ever having heard of it before. For example, the Trilogy Hydrating Mist Toner and Pai Camellia & Rose Hydrating Cleanser are staples in my skincare routine and I hadn't really heard of them or read any reviews before I first purchased. Now, I can't live without them!

I'd love to read all your versions of this tag so get writing!

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Favourite Natural Makeup Tag

I was tagged by the gorgeous Jen from Jen's Green Skincare to do the Favourite Natural Makeup Tag! Well, without further a do...

What is your favourite foundation?
Honestly, I've loved all three of the natural foundations I've tried! My first love was Lily Lolo's mineral foundation but I'm currently adoring the Vegan Cream Foundation from The All Natural Face.

What type of foundation do you prefer - mineral, liquid, or cream?
I was always a tinted moisturiser kind of girl (I still am - but yet to try any natural!). Lately, I think I prefer mineral formulas as they work well with my combo skin and give a light coverage which I've always enjoyed.

Have you found a favourite natural mascara?
I've only ever tried one! I do love it though. It's the mascara from Ilia Beauty. It's rather expensive and isn't all great (it has a very wet formula) but other than that I can't fault it. It's really hard to find a good vegan and natural mascara! Next on the list to try are offerings from The All Natural Face and PHB Ethical Beauty.

In your opinion, what company makes the best pigments for eyeshadow?
I've heard that Silk Naturals are pretty top notch all though I've never tried them myself. At the moment I'm really loving some pigments from Shiro Cosmetics.

Have you tried to make any of your own natural makeup? If so, how did it turn out?

What makeup item was the hardest to switch over to a natural alternative?
I haven't really met with any considerable challenges as of yet. However, I see mascara and concealer being the hardest to find a true holy grail.

Do you have any holy grail natural or non-toxic makeup products?
Not as of yet. However, my TANF cream blushes are slowing getting there! My collection is slowing picking up pace...

What is your current go-to non-toxic lip product?
Definitely the Hurraw Black Cherry Tinted Lip Balm. It's super moisturising, and easy to slap on in a rush without a mirror.

What is your favourite natural cosmetics brand?
I haven't tried many but my favourite discoveries have to be The All Natural Face and Ilia Beauty.

I tag:

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Going Green Tag

The 'Going Green Tag' (started by the lovely Rachel of All Natural Aspirations) seems to have taken the green blogging/vlogging world by storm and I really feel like I'm the last one to hop on board! Nevertheless, let's not leave it any longer...

What started it all off for you?
I've always been in to all things 'green' and 'eco' but I'd never got round to applying it to my beauty regime. I was always more attracted to natural-ish skincare but never paid too much attention to ingredients. My first introduction to green beauty was through Annabel of Fragmented Splendour. Through her blog, I followed her journey to going green and was introduced to a world of wonderful brands and wonderful ingredients. The other lady responsible has to be Brianna/iluvjesse444 on YouTube who is a true inspiration to us all! She's as clean as clean can be. Also, I've been vegan for about a year now so I see it as a natural progression (heh heh).

What was the first thing to go? (Ingredient or product)
I've always avoided parabens (apart from the occasional Japanese Honeysuckle) so I could say that was the first batch of ingredients to be phased out. SLS in my shampoo/conditioner would be second. I still have a few sulfate-laden shower gels to use up however.

What are you/did you struggle to let go off?
In the beginning, the idea of giving up my makeup collection really freaked me out... sad I know. But recently I've really been embracing cleaner brands of slap and I'm currently loving offerings from The All Natural Face and Honeybee Gardens. I'm yet to try any green mascaras so I can see that being a bit of a tiresome journey.

What has been your best find or change? (i.e. a green product or tip that you're really glad you've found/learnt)
Number one best find would have to be Pai Skincare. I knew about them before, but I've recently fallen head over heels with the brand and can seem them being a long-time favourite. In terms of a 'tip' I'd say shaving with coconut oil. Just try it.

What has been the worst thing about going green? What has been the hardest to transition or find an adequate green replacement of?
I haven't really come across any serious challenges as of yet. Good quality natural and vegan makeup is a real bugger to find though. It's very disheartening seeing all these beautiful products that contain beeswax or carmine (ick). You have to be careful as a lot of natural brands do still contain animal-derived ingredients. Also, just because a brand carries some vegan-friendly products, doesn't mean every product they offer are. Check the ingredients on every individual item.

Anything else to add? Any tips or tricks to pass on?
I haven't been doing this very long so I wouldn't take much advice from me! I'd say the best thing to do is to keep an open mind and stay true to your own personal standards and values. Also, iHerb is your best friend.

Most people I would have tagged have already contributed so... I tag everyone who hasn't!
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