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A Little Update
Image:  elizadean

Image: elizadean

1. I finished my undergrad! I handed in my dissertation in April and had my final exam in early May. It feels strange to have finished university but I'm not quite ready to let go of academia... 

2. In September, I shall be beginning a Masters degree in Eighteenth Century Studies. I'm currently ploughing through a 700-page Enlightenment social history and philosophy book in preparation and I'm actually kinda enjoying it. Add me on Goodreads if you would like to keep track of my reading escapades. 

3. If you didn't know already, I do monthly blog posts for LoveLula on all things vegan beauty. I've done three posts so far, and you can check out my latest (a vegan's guide to Madara) here. I'm running the blog with a wonderful group of green bloggers and having a lot of fun with it. Follow the LoveLula blog here!

4. In a couple weeks Rhys and I head out on our first adventure of 2017, a week-long mini tour of Scandinavia. We shall be visiting Copenhagen, Malmö, and Oslo so if you have any recommendations for vegan food/green beauty/generally lovely places to visit, please leave them below.

5. I'm working a lot at the moment to fund said trip (and another jaunt to Croatia in July), and so this explains why the blog is being a little neglected. I hope to fix this ASAP. I've got a few exciting things planned but I also welcome any post suggestions or requests in the comments. In the mean time, make sure you're following me on Twitter!

Friday Reads 09/10 (The Super Late Edition!)

And it's time for another Friday Reads! On a Sunday... someone get their blog schedule muddled and so this is going up a little bit late. This weekend my reading has consisted of mainly trying to get up to date with university readings. Here's what I'll be having a crack at:

The Life and Death of Harriett Frean - May Sinclair
This is for my Modernism module and it's a bit of a weird one. It follows Harriett, a Victorian woman 'who is so scared of life that she will eventually talk herself out of living it'. It doesn't sound particularly cheery, but as Sinclair's last remaining novel in print, it could be an interesting read. I also find it particularly interesting as it's a modernist novel looking back on a time that Modernism supposedly rejects. 

Antony and Cleopatra - William Shakespeare
So there was going to be some Shakey at some point. I've never read Antony and Cleopatra and I really quite excited about it. It's one of Shakespeare's tragedies and it has some very intriguing theories and research attached to it. I'm also a big fan of the historical element, being the Classical History enthusiast that I am. This is for my Renaissance module. 

The Coquette - Hannah Webster Foster
Finally, something that is a bit unknown. The Coquette is an early American epistolary novel from 1797. It was originally published anonymously, finally revealed to be by Webster Foster in 1856. A best-selling novel of its time, it's a fictionalised account of a socialite's untimely death after giving birth to a still-born. Again, not the happiest of reads, but something that sounds intriguing all the same. I'm really excited about my early American module and this is one of my most anticipated assigned readings. 

What are you reading this weekend? Give me recs!

Getting Organised: My Planner

I thought it might be interesting - with it being September and all - for me to show you all my planning system; and how I utilise both paper and digital methods of planning.

I use a customisable A5 spiral-bound planner from Personal-Planner. When you order a Personal-Planner you can completely customise how your pages look. Mine has vertical columns, monthly spreads, and personal to-do lists which make it perfect for organising my life. Mine just has a plain teal cover but I have decorated it with a sticker I got from RedBubble that says 'Girls don't want boys, girls want equal pay and sick beats.' I love it. The website even allows you to choose patterns or upload photographs to further personalise your planner.

As much as I love my paper planner, I will admit that I still use my iPhone's built in calendar. Occasionally I don't have room to carry my planner and it's really easy for seeing my month at a glance. In addition, my university allows me to subscribe to my timetable using my calendar - meaning that I can keep track of any room changes or class cancellations. I always have trouble remembering my room allocations so it really is invaluable. I also like to forward plan with my phone as I'm really weird about putting things in to my planner when they're not concrete. 

However every week, items from my phone get migrated to my paper planner which is great for keeping track of urgent tasks, blog posts, gym visits and the like. My planner has a 'To-Do' box towards the bottom of the page that I use to outline writing that needs to be done that week (either blog posts or newspaper articles), and also a 'Training' box that I use to track my exercise (which has totally been empty for the last couple weeks - oops). 

I also love to decorate my planner with stickers. I do often make the stickers myself using label paper, however sometimes I do get sucked in to Etsy sticker shops. I use stickers to draw attention to certain events (like birthdays), tasks (like uni readings), and blog posts. I've really found that decorating my planner makes me more likely to use it. I really enjoy browsing Instagram for inspiration but be careful; there's an entire Insta/Youtube fandom dedicated to planning and it's super easy to get lost for hours on the internet. 

I hope you enjoyed hearing about my planner! I do want to do some more specific posts in the future dedicated to how I plan certain things for university, blogging, and my other responsibilities.

Do you use a paper planner - or do you stick to digital planning?


Tips for Summer Language Learning | Trident Media

One of the most challenging things about learning a language as part of your degree is keeping that flow going throughout the summer months. This is even more important as a beginner as the foreign vocabulary and grammar is not yet solidified into your long term memory. Why spend hours and hours during term-time perfecting that smooth pronunciation just to lose it all over summer? Here’s our top tips for keeping your language skills tip top over the summer break. Anyway, how else are you going to chat up those new exchange students in September?

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