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Scandinavian Travel Diary: Copenhagen

In the second week of June, my boyfriend Rhys and I embarked on our long-awaited anniversary trip to Scandinavia, with stops in both Copenhagen and Oslo. As a long-time admirer of Scandinavian culture, the locations were 95% my suggestion but we both had a fabulous time. As expected we immersed ourself in the fascinating Norse history, spent a lot of time outside, and spent a lot of time eating some delicious vegan food. The vegan coffee 'nice cream' pictured above was an accidental find, but came highly recommended after a sneaky trip to the Woron studios. It's true - it really is the best ice cream I have ever tasted, vegan or otherwise.

We were ever so lucky during our Copenhagen jaunt as the weather was absolutely beautiful most days and we were able to spend much of our time enjoying the nature, architecture, and scenery in general. Pictured above is the Copenhagen Botanical Garden - a must-visit if you're looking for something fun (and free) to do on a sunny Summer's day. There's a wonderful palm house and the gardens are located very near the Botanical Museum that often features art exhibitions and the like. On our first day, we visited a fascinating art exhibition within some old abandoned cisterns that was both creepy and beautiful.

If you ever visit Copenhagen, make sure you visit Copenhagen Street Food at PapirØen (Paper Island). This is basically a large make-shift street food market within a warehouse, complete with shipping containers, graffiti, and a cow-shaped disco ball. The seating is mainly communal so you're free to pick and choose what food you would like before sitting down with some (for Scandinavia) reasonably-priced beer. Rhys and I ended up sharing two pitchers (oops) of a really delicious organic option.

For food, Latienda served us up some amazing Columbian-inspired treats. We had a quinoa burger, a pulled seitan burger, and plantain chips. The chips were phenomenal and I will say that I now have a plantain-shaped hole where my heart used to be. Latienda offered some of most delicious vegan food that I have ever eaten.


Another amazing vegan eatery find was 42Raw. I had heard of this place online before jetting off but had no idea how prevalent it was. I had assumed it was a small one-off but we actually came across a few branches, including one in a subway shopping centre! As the name suggests, 42Raw sells mostly raw food - nothing cooked above 42 degrees. The menu included raw pizza, burgers, smoothies, cakes, and even sweet potato fries! On our first visit I had an amazing sandwich and of course, a matcha latte. This is definitely somewhere we would hunt down again and it was so nice to have a fully vegan restaurant so readily available. Luckily it was never as busy as the website's header suggests...

Then we were off to Oslo! Watch this space for more specific photo selections (more from the botanical gardens and a visit to the WORON studios prehaps?) and the Oslo travel diary.

Have you ever visited Copenhagen?