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A Moment with PHB Ethical Beauty - Vegan Brand Spotlight

Welcome back to the 'official' Katie Vibes small vegan brand spotlight series! Over the next couple weeks I will be talking to a variety of 100% vegan small businesses about their products and why they find it so important to be a vegan brand. Brands will vary from makeup to skincare, and from widely-known to truly indie companies. Enjoy! 

This time I spoke to founder of PHB Ethical Beauty, Rose Brown. I love this brand and have featured them on my blog a few times before! Special shoutouts go to their mascara and hydrating toner.

What brand do you represent and what is your title?
PHB Ethical Beauty - Founder Rose Brown.

Tell me a little about your brand - what was the motivation behind starting it?
As a vegan I became increasingly concerned by the use of animal ingredients in mainstream beauty products and also the amount of synthetic fragrances, colourants and other chemicals that big companies put into their products. I became determined to create a pioneering brand that was free from harsh chemicals, uses natural and organic botanical ingredients and is also vegan, halal and cruelty free.

Why do you find being a vegan brand so important? 
Living in tune with your beliefs and your body is vital to feeling happy and balanced. I have been a vegetarian since I was little but a couple of years ago I made the leap to being a vegan. It has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am one with all living creatures, my body is in balance and I have more energy than ever before. 

Tell me about some of your best-selling products?
1. PHB’s Award Winning All-In-One Natural Mascara is the perfect all-encompassing mascara. It lengthens, thickens and volumises lashes with a gentle water-resistant formula that lasts all day without ever smudging or flaking. Made with a unique blend of botanical oils which nourish and protect, helping to lengthen and strengthen lashes naturally for beautiful eyes. Green Parent Magazine voted it "The Best Natural Mascara" in their Natural Beauty Awards 2013.

2. PHB’s Anti-aging moisturiser is based on an ancient Polynesian formula where Gardenia Flowers are handpicked and infused in coconut oil. This exotic active blend nourishes skin with natural antioxidants & vitamins that replenish skin, restore elasticity, improve firmness and regenerate cells for a natural healthy glow. Gardenia flowers have unique properties that encourage collagen synthesis and prevent collagen degradation protecting firmness and elasticity for more supple skin. PHB moisturisers are carefully formulated with the purest natural ingredients to keep skin beautifully supple and hydrated. Always free from parabens, synthetic fragrance, irritants & harmful chemicals. VOGUE Magazine, Best Kept Beauty Secrets 2014.“The texture, scent and noticeable results will leave you astounded”

3. PHB’s Skin Repair Gel is handmade with Organic Aloe Vera to provide instant relief and soothe irritated skin whilst Lavender encourages healthy skin renewal. Provides calming relief for sunburn and eczema. A must have product for your makeup kit and/or first aid kit! Can be used for face and body. Aloe Vera is famed for its skin healing health benefits. It has been used for centuries as a natural treatment for a variety of skin ailments including eczema, psoriasis, acne, burns and wounds. Aloe Vera contains a high number of active components including vitamins, minerals and fatty acids which are essential for healing, repairing and improving skin. Voted best product for Problem Skin Silver Award Winner, Free From Skincare Awards 2014.

Where can we find you online?
www.phbethicalbeauty.co.uk ¦ www.facebook.com/PHBEthicalBeauty ¦ @PHBbeauty

Anything else you'd like to mention?
*15% of Net Profit goes to Charity*
As a compassionate company we are excited to announce that as of April 2015 15% of net profits will be donated to charity to help improve the lives of people and animals in the UK and around the world.

For People Not Profit!
Our dream is to turn PHB Ethical Beauty into a not-for-profit organisation that makes a difference in people's lives as we believe in people over profit. We are in the process of starting our own charity called The OneLove Foundation. Our dream for this is to help people, in particular children, here in the UK and further afield whilst also donating to other worthy causes. If you have any worthy causes you'd like to let us know about we'd love to hear from you. Email us at charity@phbethicalbeauty.co.uk

A Love Exchange...
When you support our business by purchasing PHB products you will receive a lovely handmade beauty product that will work for your skin & benefit your overall health and well being. In return we will use your hard earned money to help people and animals who really need it, and you will be helping to make a positive impact on the world. 

Thank you Rose!

Interested? Take a look at my Introduction to PHB Ethical Beauty. <3 

[Image credit: PHB Ethical Beauty]

Vegan Cuts June Snack Box Review

A good month or so ago (I've been super busy!), I was luckily enough to be emailed by Vegan Cuts and asked to review one of their snack boxes*. If you haven't already heard of Vegan Cuts, they are a company that provide monthly subscription boxes filled with amazing vegan snacks, or beauty products, depending on your preference. I filmed a ingredients review of their August 2014 beauty box last year - which you can see here - so I was super excited to receive some lovely new products from them. Especially considering that this time they were edible...

Unfortunately, after receiving the box, I almost completely forgot that I was meant to be doing a review. I was sure to take a picture immediately after it arrived, but I then proceeded to eat most of the snacks without making note of what they were or how I liked them. Wow Katie, super blogger skills. That's a compliment on their part though, right?

One thing I did notice about the snack box - in comparison to alternative vegan snack boxes - is that it was literally filled to the brim. You can see from the picture that the box was bursting with delicious vegan snacks which makes it extremely good value for money. In the US, a single snack box is just under $20 including delivery which is pretty much on point. I will note however that outside of the US, the value is not so good. A UK customer can expect to pay around $35 (£22) including shipping which is bummer considering that a lot of the products aren't available in the UK when you want to restock. In spite of this, let's get on to how delicious the snacks were! Here are the three highlights:

Yum Earth Organics Sour Jelly Beans

These were super yummy and especially satisfying seeing so I've been seriously craving jelly beans over the last few weeks. Most main market jelly beans contain beeswax, but of course these are 100% vegan. My only complaint is that the packet they came in was WAY too small. Still craving those jelly beans. :-(

Home Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

Again, these satisfied a craving that I've been suffering with for a while. I'm not even a huge fan of chocolate cookies but these were really nice. They were a cute small bitesize which was perfect for a quick sweet snack at the work desk. However I'm not finding that I'm missing these as much as I just found out that I can eat Fox's dark chocolate cookies (amazing).

SuperEats Kale + Chia Chips, Chilli & Lime

These may have been bright green and not the most appetising looking things, but they were definitely yummy. They have the perfect amount of spice which is cleverly offset by the sourness of the lime. These were incredibly moreish and I zoomed through the packet in about ten seconds. If I could source just one of these products in the UK, it would be these. Or maybe the jelly beans. Or maybe these. Hm. 

Find out more about Vegan Cuts here

. Have you tried one of their boxes?

Supplements and Stuff

Ever since I was sent some wonderful products by Viridian (more on the other bits later), I've been wanting to do a post on supplementation, or more specifically, my optimal supplementation routine (when I'm being good and remembering). If you saw my beauty goals post, you would remember that in 2015, I wanted to get better at taking my supplements. Well, we're not quite there yet, but I thought that making another supplement-centric post might help me on my journey. My supplement 'collection' if you will is split in to three categories which I feel, are most important for my own specific needs. Remember, I'm not a doctor and this is what works for me. It might not necessary work for anyone else. We have the 'general' supplement, the skin-doctor, and the bone-helper

Now, before we begin, I would like to point out that I am very much an advocate of getting your vital bits and pieces from food & water intake alone. However, sometimes this is not possible e.g. illness, travel, three-day Netflix marathon. These are the times when I refer back to a good general supplement that just ensures that I can get through the days without falling asleep or getting ill. I know, it sounds bad but the truth is, you really can't get all your nutrients from beans on toast. At the minute I'm using the Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw One for Women. Three things drew me to this brand: it's completely raw, made from vegan food sources; you only have to take one a day; and you don't have to keep them in the fridge. Really, they're perfect for when you're feeling especially lazy. Price-wise they're not too bad either and I picked up this sizeable 75-capsule container for around £25 off Amazon. They do smell a little funky, but you really can't beat raw food supplements. This brand contains everything that you'll need for the daily grind including at least the rec. daily value of all major vitamins, and lots of lovely minerals such as zinc, iron and selenium.

An additional 'bone-helper' isn't really a must for everyone, but if you're like me and unfortunately still on hormonal birth control (more specifically the depo shot), I would really suggest investing in a good source of calcium. Even more so, if you can sometimes be a particularly lazy vegan like myself. Getting a supplement including the addition of magnesium and zinc would be extra-great as calcium needs these guys to help it be effectively absorbed. I try to take two caplets every single day, and have done so ever since I uncovered some slightly worrying research about the long-term effects of Depo Provera. I won't go in to too much detail, but I am looking to come off of it pretty soon. Personally, I use just a generic H&B own brand supplement and I find that this works pretty well (I hope).

Finally, we have the shining star of this post. The Viridian Clear Skin Complex*. I'd heard a lot about these supplements from fellow bloggers and frankly I was both excited and intrigued when I was given the chance to try them. At first I was definitely skeptical and struggled to see any real difference. But, I really noticed the change when I briefly stopped taking them for a week or so. Unfortunately, I'm still struggling to take them regularly but I feel strongly enough about them that I'm considering purchasing another bottle to really put them to the test with regular dosages. I really like Viridian as a company because all their supplements are available with vegetarian capsules and their packaging is wonderfully eco-friendly. In fact, you can return an empty supplement bottle to any Viridian retailer for recycling and receive a 25p refund. Further to that, every bottle sold helps generate funds for a selection of charities. That really is dedication to the cause! The Clear Skin Complex contains 100% active vegan ingredients that are also gluten-free, salt-free and without added sugar, yeast, preservatives or artificial colourings. The only downside that I can see to these supplements is that they are rather pricey. A 60-capsule bottle to last you roughly a month will set you back around £20. However, I really do feel that they bring results and I'm looking forward to showing you some more of their great products in the future. You can find out more details about their full range on their website.