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Winter Essentials

Hark, a blog post! I know, it has been a while. I say that in the beginning of every post but whatever. Ages ago, I was tagged by Tamara to do the Winter Essentials 'tag', which was started by Chesca of Fern & Moss. Basically, I'm going to talk about 5 items that are essential for me to make it through the winter. This can be anything, from fashion & beauty, to tea or food.

The number one absolute must for winter is a good scarf. My favourite at the moment is this space knit snood from New Look. I got this ages ago in the sale for a couple pounds and haven't looked back. It's thin enough to fit snugly under my coat but then thick enough to keep my neck nice and toasty! I've worn this pretty much everyday since it started getting chilly.

Beauty product-wise, this is where it gets obvious. A good hand cream is a definite essential. My favourite is the Skin Blossom Caring Hand Cream. I have to be really careful with hand creams due to my dermatitis, and this one hasn't given me any problems whatsoever. It has a lovely rose & geranium scent that I don't find irritating at all, and it has a thick formula that ensures my hands are moisturised without feeling greasy. 

In the winter, I get pretty dry. My elbows, knees and feet are always a problem. My absolute wonder product for this is the MuLondon White Chocolate Elbow, Knee & Heel Cream. I won't talk too much about this one as it's well hyped in the green beauty community and I did a full post about it here. What I will say is that it's a wonderfully thick Shea butter based balm that melts in to an oil, and it smells good enough to eat. It really does smell like white chocolate.

The last two products kind of go hand-in-hand... a good book and a good candle. There is nothing better than cosying up with a book when it's all getting a little cold outside. I'm currently reading The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter, creepy feminism-laced retellings of fairy tales. With that, I've been burning the Cinnamon Spice candle by Isle of Wolf*. There's nothing better than a proper Christmas-sy candle burning on a winter's evening. This is a brand new discovery, and something that I will be addressing in more depth pretty soon! Isle of Wolf candles are really well priced for their quality, and in fact, My Pure are currently are running an offer where you can get two for £30!

I'm gonna tag Annabel of Fragmented Splendour, Ru of Short, Small and Sweet, and Sarah of Sugarpuffish. I'm also tagging anyone and everyone who wants to take part as I am frightfully unsure about whether any of these girls have completed the tag already...