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Field Trip Tour Shopping List

So #FieldTripTour is tomorrow... who else is mega damn excited??? I can't wait to hang and shop with a load of fellow green beauty gals! Unfortunately, with a holiday/university looming, I'm having to be slightly more restrained with the shopping side of things. Therefore, I have wittled down my 'to-buy' list to consist of the above products only. How did I do that? Who knows. Of course I'll probably be swayed to others by either weakness or said other bloggers but we'll see what happens. Also, the above is not quite set in stone... so basically I don't actually have a strict shopping list and this post is completely pointless? Maybe. 

First on the list is the famous May Lindstrom Problem Solver. I tried a sample of this a while back and I'm still yet to pick it up. It's tear-jerkingly expensive so it's still untold whether tomorrow will be the day that I finally cave. The ingredients are absolutely lush and produce an unrivalled tingle upon application that is almost addictive. Everyone loves this mask and I can see why... however I am unsure whether I can justify such a steep price.

One thing that I am most definitely picking up (if I can find it) is Pacifica's nail polish in Crystal Orchid. I'm heed over heels in love with this gorgeous shade. Radiant orchid of course! It is very similar to a limited edition Barry M polish that I used to love so I am excited to have potentially found a 7-free dupe. Have you ever heard of a 7-free nail polish?! I most definitely haven't! These beauties are free of parabens, phthalates, toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, resin and... animals. I'm very much hoping that Wholefoods will be stocking these polishes along with their current Pacifica selection.

Again on the makeup front, we have the Alima Pure Satin Matte Blush in Mimosa. I've been itching to try Alima ever since I first encountered them and the prospect of a UK stockist in the form of Nature & Co is very very exciting. Naturally, I'm all over their beautiful blushes and Mimosa looks like the shade for me. I will be the first to admit that peaches aren't actually that great with my skin tone, however I just cannot resist. Lastly, we have the Inika Mineral Eyeshadow in Lightening. I have never tried anything from Inika - it's just never been a brand that really grabbed me - however, since reading a certain post on NMDL, I have been intrigued by its apparent similarities to the RMS Living Luminizer. Unfortunately, my skin (or morals) don't get on to well with such a product so a vegan powder dupe sounds right up my street. I cannot wait to wear this in my inner-corner and dusted across my cheekbones for some serious glow time.

Honourable mentions and possible purchases also go to the following:

Pai Camellia & Rose Cleanser (because it's all gone... )-:)
Primavera Sage & Grapeseed Toner (because I just DON'T want to be without it when I've finished my sample...)

So now it's your turn to spill, what's on your shopping list for #FieldTripTour?

Naturisimo Wishlist

Naturisimo is 100% a green beauty junkie's mecca. Think BeautyBay but dedicated to green, non-toxic and natural beauty. Heavenly. If you haven't had a browse already, you really need to as they stock so many amazing brands including Deep Steep, OLO, Zoya and BWC that I'm featuring in this post!

After making a quick stop to purchase the Kae Morrocan Natural White Clay, I got sucked in and an hour later I had a wishlist as long as my arm. Top picks of said wishlist can be seen above and below...

I'm FINALLY coming to the end of my ghastly Lush Snow Fairy (which I used to love... how?!) and I'm in the market for some new body washes that won't leave my skin red and plagued with itchy spots. I've heard really great things about Deep Steep and their Honeydew & Spearmint and Tangerine & Melon Body Washes sound lovely. Melon, tangerine and spearmint happen to be my favourite scents along with lemongrass! 

The Morning Glory Serum from One Love Organics is something I have lusted after for a while. It's hailed as a wonderful primer as well as a daytime oil fit for any skin type. My fast-growing oil collection is definitely missing this gem! 

I recently picked up my very first Zoya polish - a gorgeous silver called Trixie - and deary me am I hooked. I love everything about Zoya, from the 4-free formula (free of formaldehyde, DBP, toulene and camphor) to the super endearing shade names. Next on my list are Robyn, Pandora and Wednesday.

Beauty Without Cruelty are a long-standing brand within the green beauty community and their recent makeover came with some wonderful new products. One of those being, the soft kohl pencils. My pick is Cedar Green, a deep mossy colour reminiscent of mountain pines. For those of you who don't know, this is my absolutely favourite colour and I actually just bought a car to match...

Right now you can get 10% off your Naturisimo order with the code SAVE and they offer free worldwide shipping. In fact, most of the above may have just found their way in to my shopping basket during the writing of this post...