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Herbal Tea Love

Apologies for being rather M.I.A this week, but unfortunately work has been tiring me out so bad that by the time I get home, the last thing I want to do is look at a computer screen for another couple hours! One of my favourite ways to wind down at the end of a long work day is with a lovely big cup of herbal tea. I'm really not a fan of traditional black tea but when it comes to alternative herbals, I've never found one that I do not enjoy.

The basis for a good tea in my books is liquorice. I like my teas to be naturally sweet and that's definitely what you get with this ingredient! My absolute favourite tea is Teapigs Liquorice and Peppermint. For lack of better words, it basically tastes like boiled aniseed sweets with a refreshing kick. Yum yum! This really satisfies my sweet tooth when I'm craving something naughty after dinner. It's super duper pricey but every now and then I just cannot resist! Pukka do a slightly cheaper version but Teapigs' offering is of much superior quality and you just cannot beat it. Another source of  my daily liquorice fix comes from Yogi Tea. I adore this completely organic tea brand and they offer a massive variety of tea flavours. Another of my favourites from them is the Detox tea with dandelion, anise and - you guessed it - liquorice!

Finally, a venture in to the world of fruitier teas. I've never been one for fruit teas but Clipper's Organic Blackcurrant and Acai is the absolute BOMB. I could easily sit and go through a box in a sitting. I'd liken it to hot Ribena (even though I hate Ribena) and something about it is strangely comforting. The acai gives it an almost chalky taste but surprisingly it works. I bet I'm selling this amazingly right now. Marketing is definitely not my forte. Clipper is also my green tea provider of choice so definitely worth a look in for all your tea-like needs! In fact, all these tea brands are really top notch.

Have you tried any teas from Teapigs, Yogi Tea or Clipper?

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