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Intro to The All Natural Face

I think that The All Natural Face may be a rite of passage for anyone looking in to greener makeup. The brand is the brain child of a lovely lady named Crystal and is probably one of the most popular independent beauty brands available. The sheer variety of products that is offered astounds, from makeup to (ahem) lubricants, and everything is 100% natural and vegan.

I recently picked up two of their most popular products and it was instant love. I was most excited about the Vegan Cream Blushes of which I chose two shades, Bubblegum and Peachy Rose. The names are pretty self-explanatory with Bubblegum being a bright pop of pink, and Peachy Rose, more of a muted dark peach with a hint of - you guessed it - rose. I've fallen head over heels with the formula of these blushes. They are smooth, creamy, easy to blend and apply flawlessly. They are gorgeously pigmented and with a heavy swatch, would appear just as bright as they are in the pan. The staying power is impressive for such a clean product and I love taking them with me when staying at the boyfriends as you could apply them with your eyes closed. However, there is a handy little mirror in the lid if you're a little inept in blind makeup application! 

Another well-hyped product is the Vegan Cream Foundation/Concealer and I'm in the shade Porcelain Kissed By Honey which is the palest neutral shade. I spent a good hour trying to work out my colour is the online references aren't great and there's enough shades to suit anyone, ranging from pale to dark in neutral, olive and tan undertones. Luckily I chose correctly and this colour blends in wonderfully with my skin tone. The texture is something to get used to though as it can be a bit gritty. Nevertheless, don't turn your back just yet as this is normal for products containing natural waxes and it will quickly melt in to your skin upon application. I find it to be light coverage but if you properly went for it (and your skin isn't too dry), I reckon you could build this up to whatever coverage you desire without any caking whatsoever. Because of my oily skin type, the texture of the foundation really works and appears to be one with my skin, becoming completely undetectable.

I'm definitely itching to try some more products from TANF. There's so many gorgeous cream blush shades and ya'know...you gotta catch em' all. 

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