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My Favourite Brushes

As much of a "get your hands dirty" advocate I am, I cannot deny the perfect convenience that comes with a good makeup brush. Whether it's blending out foundation, applying eyebrow powder or blending an eyeshadow, you really can't beat them. I thought it'd be handy to pick out some of my favourites as when it comes to buying your first brushes, there's a lot of choice and that can be daunting. I actively seek out cruelty-free synthetic brushes and all of the above - bar one that was bought along time ago but is still synthetic - come under that category. I personally do not consider The Body Shop as being cruelty free but I know that some people don't take parent companies in to account (they're owned by Loreal).

Real Techniques: Popular among the blogging community, Real Techniques brushes really can't do any wrong. There is one for every task and they also offer a variety of brushes in really cute sets for a reasonable price. These are widely available in Boots stores. Some of my favourites include the big and fluffy Blush Brush which I actually use for light contouring; the Expert Face Brush which is perfect for applying liquid foundation or cream products; the Fluffy Shadow Brush which is ideal for blending out eyeshadow; and finally the Detailer Brush which I find perfect for spot concealing.

Eco Tools: Probably the next popular brush brand among the green beauty community, Eco Tools brushes are as earth-friendly as can be and all products come in 100% recycled packaging and have beautiful bamboo handles. My most used brush is the Angled Eyeliner Brush which is the perfect size and density for applying brow powders. The angle allows you to create an arch with precision. My newest acquisition would be the Retractable Kabuki which I adore for applying my powder foundations from Honeybee Gardens and Lily Lolo. I don't use it particularly for travel but the handbag-friendly nature of the brush comes in handy for touch ups.

The Body Shop: As mentioned before, I do not consider The Body Shop to be cruelty free as they are owned by Loreal but if parent companies are not an issue for you, they offer some really nice and high quality synthetic brushes. The only one I own is the Eyebrow and Lash brush but it's worth noting that it's the only one I have ever owned that hasn't fallen apart after cleaning!

Have you tried any brushes from these brands?
Katie Noblebeauty