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The Love Affair with Pai Skincare

Let's just start this by saying that Pai Skincare is heavenly and possibly my favourite skincare brand at this present moment. The products they offer are just so perfect in terms of ingredients, packaging, morals... everything that I care about! The brand comes with such a lovely back story as well. Started by Sarah Brown in 2007 after a long struggle with skin allergies, the products are geared towards those with sensitive and allergy-prone skin. 

Pai exclude so many controversial ingredients that are usually overlooked by other 'natural' brands such as phenoxyethanol; all parabens including Japanese honeysuckle and alcohol in all its guises (find out more here). They also refrain from using beeswax in their creams. This is a great plus for us vegans but also a plus for non-vegans as beeswax is a known comedogenic and is not well absorbed by the skin. However, note that not all products are vegan so do check the packaging as approved products are stamped with the Vegan Society logo. Pai is also accredited by the Soil Association which is the trade association which regulates organic beauty accreditation in the UK. This is a lengthy and costly process which requires 70% of non-water ingredients to be organically grown and harvested.

My top products from this awesome company include the much coveted Rosehip Bioregenerate Oil, a gorgeous blend of rosehip seed and fruit oils. It's a deep orange colour which doesn't only look pretty but means it's bursting with antioxidants! However, I wouldn't suggest keeping this out on your dressing table as sunlight can damage the wonderful ingredients. This is the first oil which has battled with my combination complexion and it's battered any misconceptions I had about oil for oily skin! I use it in the evening and wake up positively glowing. New additions include the Camellia and Rose Hydrating Cleanser - which I haven't used much yet - the Echium and Argan Gentle Eye Cream which is doing a great job of keeping my sore eyes in check (more on these later!) and finally a wee sample of the Geranium and Thistle Day Cream which is looking good so far!

Have you tried any Pai Skincare products recently?
Katie Noblebeauty