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Recent Empties #2

Yay for more empties! I get a great deal of satisfaction out of finishing a product, especially when it's a conventional one because that means I can go out and purchase some lovely green replacements!

First up is three bottles of Acure shampoo and conditioner... yes the addiction is real. I didn't really care for the green bottle which is the Lemongrass range that I had previously reviewed. It makes my hair feel dry and weak. The Argan oil range on the other hand is wonderful and my hair has never been in such good condition since switching to this beautiful vegan, natural and sulfate-free alternative. I really suggest you give the duo a go if you don't mind hunting the web for your fix. They're pretty much impossible to source in the UK and I get mine from either iHerb or Vitacost.

Next up is the REN Clarifying Tonic Lotion. I really enjoyed this toner and the gentle glycolic action really did wonders for my skin. However, now my skin is behaving itself, I prefer to use lighter and more hydrating toners with simpler ingredients. It is also pretty pricey for how fast you go through the bottle! The formula is quite dry and thin so you'll find yourself drowning the cotton pad in more product than you'd expect.

The Loreal Elvive Conditioning Repair Spray has been hanging around for ages and I'm really suprised that I've managed to use it up. It wasn't anything special and I'm glad to see it gone as it was my last remaining Loreal product. I know that doesn't sound like too much of a big deal but Loreal are one of the top companies for animal testing and cruelty.

And finally, I actually used up a couple makeup products! First being, the S&G One Heck of a Blot Powder which was my translucent powder of choice pre-natural. I tend to find myself skipping powder these days so I will not be repurchasing. However, if you don't mind about ingredients but are looking for a cruelty-free powder that really stays matte, this is your guy. I also used up the They're Real Mascara from Benefit which I loved. Nevertheless, I've moved on to my lovely clean, and cruelty free Ilia mascara and I haven't looked back! The Ilia offerring is actually a little more expensive (ouch) but I don't mind paying out as it really is magic stuff.
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