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Favourite Natural Makeup Tag

I was tagged by the gorgeous Jen from Jen's Green Skincare to do the Favourite Natural Makeup Tag! Well, without further a do...

What is your favourite foundation?
Honestly, I've loved all three of the natural foundations I've tried! My first love was Lily Lolo's mineral foundation but I'm currently adoring the Vegan Cream Foundation from The All Natural Face.

What type of foundation do you prefer - mineral, liquid, or cream?
I was always a tinted moisturiser kind of girl (I still am - but yet to try any natural!). Lately, I think I prefer mineral formulas as they work well with my combo skin and give a light coverage which I've always enjoyed.

Have you found a favourite natural mascara?
I've only ever tried one! I do love it though. It's the mascara from Ilia Beauty. It's rather expensive and isn't all great (it has a very wet formula) but other than that I can't fault it. It's really hard to find a good vegan and natural mascara! Next on the list to try are offerings from The All Natural Face and PHB Ethical Beauty.

In your opinion, what company makes the best pigments for eyeshadow?
I've heard that Silk Naturals are pretty top notch all though I've never tried them myself. At the moment I'm really loving some pigments from Shiro Cosmetics.

Have you tried to make any of your own natural makeup? If so, how did it turn out?

What makeup item was the hardest to switch over to a natural alternative?
I haven't really met with any considerable challenges as of yet. However, I see mascara and concealer being the hardest to find a true holy grail.

Do you have any holy grail natural or non-toxic makeup products?
Not as of yet. However, my TANF cream blushes are slowing getting there! My collection is slowing picking up pace...

What is your current go-to non-toxic lip product?
Definitely the Hurraw Black Cherry Tinted Lip Balm. It's super moisturising, and easy to slap on in a rush without a mirror.

What is your favourite natural cosmetics brand?
I haven't tried many but my favourite discoveries have to be The All Natural Face and Ilia Beauty.

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