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Review: Silk Naturals Slick Sticks

I've recently become a little obsessed with Silk Naturals and my favourite try so far has been their vegan lipgloss/lip balm hybrids, the Slick Sticks. They come in a multitude of gorgeous shades and the combination of hydration and pigmentation is something I cannot resist, especially as we're creepin' upon Summer. I only have two shades at the moment but TRUST ME... I'm going to have all the Slick Sticks. All of them. All. I mean, they kind of smell like cake.

First is Sea Breeze which is a lovely bright orange coral which is acting as first steps in to the orange lip trend which is something that up until now, I have admired from afar. I feel that this one really sticks around throughout the day, with the colour not showing a sign of fading. That is, unless you decide to eat anything... My favourite of the pair has to be Bramble which looks quite dark in the tube but translates to a lovely sheer wash of purple which makes a change from your usual pale pinks. I find it to be really flattering on my pale skin tone, and although it's a great deal sheerer than Sea Breeze, it's very different and I haven't really come across anything like it before - natural or otherwise.

I've been wearing these two non-stop, nearly as often as I've found myself trawling through the Silk Naturals website. I may have made two orders in April alone! I'm currently waiting for an order including some dupes for the Naked 3 palette so that's pretty exciting!

Katie Noblebeauty