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5 Things That Make Me Happy

It's late-ish on a very emotional Sunday night and it seems I need some cheering up. I've always loved the '10 Things That've Made Me Happy This Week' posts on Cider With Rosie and so thought I'd create my own list. Bits and bobs that make me smile and help me realise that life really isn't all that glum.

1. Fresh ripe fruit: I cannot think of anything else I'd rather eat. Nothing can beat the sweet taste of mother nature and I regularly indulge in fruit mono-meals. Ten peaches for lunch, a seven banana smoothie? No biggie.

2. Clean white pages: The defacing of a brand new notebook is one of life's more simple pleasures. The smell of a newly bound canvas, waiting for the flow of ideas to begin... well, truth be told I have many un-started notepads lying about.

3. Crystals and stones: I'm a bit of a crystal-hoarder and nothing makes me moan more than a freshly buffed piece of bloodstone. Meow. The Crystal Bible is a must-have for me.

4. Zombies: I'm definitely a horror/gore fan and what's better than a load of undead corpses with an equally un-dying hunger for human flesh? The Walking Dead is an obvious vice of mine and more recently, The Girl With All The Gifts is proving to be a heart and gut-wrenching addiction. (Pssst thanks Annabel!)

5. Writing: Whether it be blogging, short story writing or just to-do list scribbling, I'm always penning something. Unfortunately, my passion has taken a back seat since going full-time and the last short story I wrote (a trilogy of monologues from a sororicidal psychopath in various stages of madness) was almost a year and half ago. However, I begin my English Lit degree in September and hopefully the addition of a few Creative Writing modules will rekindle the writing bug!

6. Rhys: Okay okay, I said five... but how can I forget my other half? When I was younger I never really understood that saying, having an 'other half'. I was always so independent. I may not be much older, but I now I get it. When someone makes you so feel ecstatic and feel so complete, how can they be anything else than your other half? Yes things are getting a little mushy but he really is the best thing that's ever happened to me and it's going to take a hell of a lot to top that. Cheeky couple selfie below.

Let me know if you want to see more lifestyle-esque posts here on KV. I'm not feeling the beauty-only blog experience anymore. I've got a few more lifestyle post experiments planned so keep your eyes peeled...